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May 2008
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Texas Governor Promotes Thinly-Veiled Theocracy

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FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) -- Using an evangelical school gymnasium as a backdrop, Gov. Rick Perry put his signature to legislation restricting abortions and added his backing to a measure barring same-sex marriage.

Perry signed a bill Sunday requiring girls under the age of 18 to get their parents' consent before having an abortion and also imposes more limits on late-term abortions...

During the 1-1/2 hour program, Perry also signed a resolution to amend the Texas Constitution by banning same-sex marriages. However, that signature was only ceremonial since voters must approve the ban in November.

"A nurturing home with a loving mother and loving father is the best way to guide our children down the proper path," said Perry, who was joined by several legislators. He also thanked the "pro-life" and "pro-family" organizations...

"The critics are generally those who object to people of faith participating in government or the electoral process," said Perry spokeswoman Kathy Walt. "There are a number of critics who would object to this bill-signing if it were in a public school, a library, a Wal-Mart parking lot or any other venue, because they oppose pro-life and pro-family issues."

Pastor Larry White, of Our Savior Lutheran Church in Houston, said the gathering there was about life, family and marriage. "There are those that would drive people of faith from the public square if they could," White said.

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Stunts like this one make me furious. (x-posted)

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