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dogemperor [userpic]
Bad taste or Sign of the Apocalypse?


Let's talk about that Bush Fish, shall we? I see it as a surfacing of things that the Religious Supermacists have been believing in and promoting for years. Now that they finally have Their Guy in the White House- for a second term, it's time for a bit of Sore Winnership.

Personally, I think that the thing is heretical. The original purpose of the fish symbol was a code word for an acronym in Greek: Jesus Christ, Son of God, Saviour. The words in Greek spell out the word for "fish". When Christians were being persecuted, that symbol was a means for them to identify each other.

Putting the President's name in it is therefore heretical, or maybe even blasphemous, as it creates a new 'son of god' in place of the original. Religious experts, you are welcome to answer the burning question:

What would Jesus say?

Mind you, I have a 'fish' symbol that is actually a fish skeleton, and I have seen footed fishies with "Darwin", and "Sushi" (I want one of those!), and other variations on the theme, but putting the President's name into it, with all the other implications of the symbology- steps over a line that I wish wasn't there.

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And no, this post won't be deleted. I think that problem is now worked out.