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May 2008
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dogemperor [userpic]
An email to Frist

LJ-SEC: (ORIGINALLY POSTED BY [info]heartlikeawheel)

Thank you Sunfell, for the welcome. As you asked, here is a repost of my email to Frist, sent a few days ago. I'm sure it went right in the trashcan, with all the other "dissidents":

Senator Frist:

The filibuster was A-OK when Republicans wanted to use it time and again to block Clinton's appointments. But now that it is the last tool available to Democrats for blocking the appointment of Christian Reconstructionist judges to the Supreme Court, i.e., those who would impose their religious views on all Americans by force of the Bench, you and your constituents say the filibuster is "unconstitutional" and seek to ban it.

I'd like to inform you of something. There is no government on this planet who could force me to conform to the "moral ethic" of ANY religion. I will decide what is moral for me, you will not. The religious fanatics who re-elected the President and gave the Republicans the majority in Congress are dangerous people on a level with Osama Bin Laden...same premise, different religion. And you and your kind embrace them to your bosom.

The day that government begins enforcing laws dictating how people should and should not live their personal lives is the day I abandon this country for a DEMOCRACY. This one, sadly, has more fascist elements than democratic these days. But I suppose today's Republicans like it that way. Lincoln, the founder of your party, is spinning in his grave.

The Founding Fathers will weep. You think they'd like a theocracy, I'm sure, with a judiciary interpreting law based solely on Mosaic Law. After all, isn't that what the Constitutional Restoration Act is all about? Indeed it is. No law shall be higher in the land than God's law, that is the gist of it, hidden behind such deceitful, patriotic language. What the Founding Fathers really envisioned was that the American people are entitled to be free FROM religion, as well as free to practice ANY religion of their choice.

You and your kind should be ashamed. But I'll wager you're not.