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May 2008
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Another look at the Constitution Restoration Act and "Justice Sunday"


[info]pecunium goes into depth about the Constitution Restoration Act and why it is so bad for our collective future as a Nation.

And [info]twistedchick has some more links about the upcoming "Justice Sunday", including some excellent links to more moderate sites with moderate Christians urging Frist to disassociate himself from the person running "Justice Sunday", hardliner David Barton. Lots of great links to visit, with moderate points of view.

Here's Chuck Currie's take on "Justice Sunday". Tons of great links.

The bottom line is that this a religious rally to drum up support for the Republican 'nuclear option' that will destroy the right of the minority party in the Senate to filibuster any bills (or nominations) they don't like.

Here's AmericaBlog's input on Frist and the TheoCons.

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