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The following is a list of sponsors of the Constitutional Restoration Act of 2005 in the House:

Rep Spencer Bachus, Alabama
Rep J. Gresham Barrett, South Carolina
Rep Rob Bishop, Utah
Rep Chris Cannon, Utah
Rep Eric Cantor, Virginia
Rep Jo Ann Davis, Virginia
Rep Terry Everett, Alabama
Rep Virginia Foxx, North Carolina
Rep Virgil H. Goode, Jr., Virginia
Rep Ralph M. Hall, Texas
Rep Wally Herger, California
Rep Walter B. Jones, Jr., North Carolina
Rep Ron Lewis, Kentucky
Rep Thaddeus G. McCotter, Michigan
Rep Mike McIntyre, North Carolina
Rep Mike Pence, Indiana
Rep Joseph R. Pitts, Pennsylvania
Rep Tom Price, Georgia
Rep Mike D. Rogers, Alabama
Rep Jim Ryun, Kansas
Rep Mark E. Souder, Indiana
Rep Zach Wamp, Tennessee
Rep Dave Weldon, Florida
Rep Joe Wilson, South Carolina

Note that support seems concentrated in North Carolina, Virginia and Alabama. I'm surprised to see representatives from California and Pennsylvania, and stunned to see that someone from Michigan signed onto this piece of junk.

And here are the Senators who put their name to gutting the Constitution they swore to preserve, protect, and defend:

Sen Sam Brownback, Kansas
Sen Conrad R. Burns, Montana
Sen Richard Burr, North Carolina
Sen Larry E. Craig, Idaho
Sen Richard Shelby, Alabama
Sen Tren Lott, Mississippi

Not a single surprise there on names; there's no cluster of support as there is in the House. And not a single blue-state senator in the lot.

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