Dec. 22nd, 2007 @ 11:39 am December Prompt 5 - Map and Compass

Map and Compass

Gwen stared down at the map, her mind going over everything that she’d read about the Key of Gondolar. It would have been nice if the mystics from the Qraqtoria dimension had their portal entrance marked with a big neon Las Vegas sign. She tucked a strand of unruly curly hair behind her ear and muffled a growl of frustration. The Amazon rain forest covered the area on the map and she knew that there were probably hundreds of mounds that the Key could be in.

“If this is some damn wild goose chase and the Key really is a myth, I’m taking all the Aztec items I find along the way.”

Nicole laughed at her boss and handed Gwen a glass of wine. “You would do that whether it’s a myth or not.”

Gwen’s lips twitched as she sipped the liquid. “True, but I wouldn’t take as many if I knew I’d find the Key. It’s going to net a lot of money on the black market.” She turned to Nicole with a wide smile, “I’m hoping for a bidding war.”

Her gaze turned back toward the map and placed her finger next to where the small compass lay. “That’s as good a place as any to start the search. The coordinates match the journal entries on the Watcher Diary.” After months, Gwen had finally realized that if you wrote down the month and date of each entry that mentioned a key, it was longitude and latitude.

She raised her crystal wine goblet, clicking the rim against Nicole. “Here’s to a very profitable adventure.”

Muse: Gwen Raiden
Fandom: Angel the Series
Word Count: 265
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