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Brunette, Alcoholic [14 Mar 2008|07:51pm]

Name of Drink: Brunette
Virgin or Dirty: Dirty
Liqour(s) In Drink: KahlĂșa, Bourbon
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the rum isn't gone! [10 Feb 2008|02:28pm]

being a good louisiana boy, i'm genetically inclined towards rum drinks. hell, i used to live in the middle of 10,000 acres of sugar cane fields.
so when the place i buy supplies for my cafe started to sell canned coconut water, the very first thing i thought was RUM DRINK!
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[09 Jan 2008|01:48am]

A poll of the respond-in-comments-with-your-opinions assortment:
Would you like me to start logging these recipe entries in some way for easy look-up access, or is there little-to-no interest in that?
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Happy Newt [alcoholic] [08 Jan 2008|08:40pm]

The Happy Newt:
  • add 1/8 measure Cointreau to a shot glass
  • add 1/8 measure red Martini Rosso (vermouth) to the same shot glass
  • fill the remainder of the shot glass with quality vodka
  • add 5 ice cubes to a martini shaker
  • pour the shot glass into the martini shaker
  • add three more shots vodka to the shaker

Shake and serve!

For best results, use vodka from the freezer.
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Intro & First Recipe: Filthy Irishman [17 Dec 2007|01:01am]

Good day to [info]cocktail_hour! My name is Cytherene Wolfe-D., and I am a 24-year-old amateur fiction writer who sometimes has entirely too much fun experimenting in the kitchen. It was in that spirit that I created my very first drink recipe while waiting for my husband to graduate from a university in Illinois. I'm interested in seeing what others have come up with, and possibly testing variants of these recipes to see what works for me (and my friends--I never go solely on my own taste tests when testing a recipe!) I like mixing up alcoholic drinks, but I've recently started to try mixing teas.

Now, for the first recipe!

The Filthy Irishman

Category: Alcoholic

The Story: We were living in a summer sublease before moving to our current location, and the A/C was out. As the sun was going down, we decided to head out and pick up some cold stuff to help keep warm and satiate the sweet tooth, as well as a movie to pass the time. After we hit Blockbuster, we headed off to the store, where (among other things) we picked up a bottle of Carolan's and a tub of ice cream. As I was watching the movie, I thought about the root beer I had sitting in the fridge, and wondered what it would be like to make a unique root beer float. I did a test combination of the two...and instantly fell in love. I came up with the name when I saw the state of the glass after I finished the drink, and compared that to the feeling of the drink as it went down. (Debris from the ice cream, by the way--the drink itself is really quite tasty.) Further testing shows I wasn't crazy; at its debut St. Patrick's party among some of my gamer friends, I was making more drinks than I could keep supplies for, and nobody wanted anything else. When I went on a week-long camping event for a large-scale roleplay group, we used the refrigerator in one of the cabins to stock the ingredients and I made it there; I had people try to steal the tester bottle from my hands, and the reputation spread up and down the mountain. (This was a fairly large gathering, mind.) The rest is history, and it's still my most popular drink yet.

The Ingredients*: Root beer, Irish creme liqueur, Ben and Jerry's Dublin Mudslide ice cream

Directions: Scoop desired amount of ice cream (I get the best results with one or two, but that can depend on the size of the scoop) into a glass. Add three tablespoons of irish creme. Fill the rest of the way with root beer. Serve and enjoy.

*This recipe is currently undergoing further testing, to see if brand matters. The ingredients themselves are mostly flexible, but in order to actually be a Filthy Irishman, the ice cream MUST be the brand and flavor listed. I have not yet had a successful test with another ice cream. I noted no real difference with different brands of irish creme, but using different brands of root beer will noticeably (if only slightly) affect the flavor. Barq's gives it more of a root-beer "bite", and A&W adds something of a brown-sugary sweetness to the aftertaste. The Mug was also sweet, but it mixed in more with the drink itself. I do not recommend adding ice to this drink, if at all possible.
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Welcome [15 Dec 2007|12:29pm]

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Feel free to join and start posting!

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