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[Feb. 14th, 2014|10:12 pm]

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[Current Mood | excited]

WHO: Bella and OPEN
WHERE: Supermarket in town
WHEN: Week 8. Friday. Afternoon
WHY: Bella does the shopping.

Put your hands on me, I'll break your friggin' clavicle. )
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[Feb. 9th, 2014|07:55 pm]
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Who: Samandriel & Dean Winchester
When: Thursday afternoon, Week 8
Where: The Shopping District
Why: Samandriel should probably meet PCs who aren't his Master... >.>
Warnings: None as of yet, will be updated if it needs to be

Until otherwise proven//The good are never easy//The easy never good//And love it never happens like you think it really should )
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[Feb. 4th, 2014|07:29 pm]

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Who: Jack, Ianto, Emerson
Where: Ianto's new cafe
When: Week 8, Friday Evening
Why: Ianto’s birthday party.
Warning(s): Crude humor, language, more to be added

Since you are the birthday boy, does that mean I get to spank you? )
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[Jan. 28th, 2014|06:19 pm]
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Who: Roxanne (Edith), Evie and Lucius
Where: Lucius's Lair
When: Week 8, Tuesday Afternoon
Why: Deceit is easier than being a nice guy
Warning/s: Pants on fire, TBA

I was the kid next door's imaginary friend )
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Don't Call Him Domesticated [Jan. 24th, 2014|10:57 am]

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Who: Dean, Simon, and River.
Where: The Avalon
When: Week 7, Tuesday afternoon.
Why: Dean's bored, and likes cooking.
Warnings: Dean doing domestic things, River being River.

Onions and bacon cooking up just makes your kitchen smell so good. In fact, one day I'm going to come up with a room deodorizer that smells like bacon and onions. It's a fabulous smell. )
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[Jan. 20th, 2014|05:47 pm]

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Who: Emrys and Jenn
Where: Hale Estate
When: Week 7, Wednesday afternoon
What: Emrys and Jenn spend some time alone for the fist time since the punishment debacle
Why: They must bond
Warnings: None so far. Will add as needed

Human bonding rituals often involve a great deal of talking, and dancing, and crying. -Worf )
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[Jan. 20th, 2014|09:45 am]

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[Current Mood | exhausted]

Who: Russell & Eterna
Where: Carrick's Estate Strong Room in the Cellar
When: Week 7, Thursday Morning, End of Full Moon Cycle
Why: Mischief
Warning: Possible triggers, non-con
There's a monster in the basement )
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[Jan. 18th, 2014|11:12 pm]
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Who: Jenn and Jeremy
Where: Hale Estate
When: Week 7, Tuesday, Afternoon
Why: Jenn is lost and bumps into Jeremy
Warnings: TBA

Do you fear the company of wolves? )
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[Jan. 16th, 2014|10:15 pm]
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[Current Mood | anxious]

WHO: Jenn and Mir
WHERE: Hale Estate
WHEN: Week 7. Monday. Night.
WHY: Jenn is climbing the walls

Lost down shit creek without a paddle )
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[Jan. 15th, 2014|04:30 pm]

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WHO: Ianto, Jack, and Eric
WHERE: Jack's house
WHEN: Week 7. Monday, afternoon
WHY: Ianto is spending his birthday snowed in with Jack and a complete stranger

Here it's December everyday )
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[Jan. 14th, 2014|12:41 am]
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[Current Mood | thirsty]

Who: Mikan and Roxanne
Where: Roxy's home
When: Week 7; Sunday Late Afternoon
Why: Going out and getting lost in a snow storm gets you in a hot mess
Warnings: Blonde on drugs, TBA

Just in the wrong place at the wrong time )
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[Jan. 10th, 2014|12:09 am]

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Who: Mir, Alice, and possibly Emrys.
Where: Hale estate
When: Week 7; Monday morning
Why: Mir is like a giant puppy when it comes to snow.
Warnings: TBD

Baby it's cold outside. )
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[Jan. 6th, 2014|07:01 am]

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Who: Kaegan and Karena
Where: Carrick’s Estate
When: Week 7; Sunday evening.
Why: Someone is not too fond of the wind.
Warning: TBD

He was most definitely not afraid. )
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[Dec. 29th, 2013|09:36 pm]

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Who: Jack and Ianto
Where: Jack's home
When: Week 6, Tuesday morning
Why: Jack has to wake Ianto up only how Jack can.
Warning: Jack Harkness, sex, sex, and more sex

Wake up sleepy head. )
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[Dec. 29th, 2013|09:14 pm]

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Who: Jack and Emerson
Where: At an cafe in town that Jack just bought.
When: Week 6, Thursday afternoon
Why: Jack needs help planning a birthday party.
Warning: LanguageEmerson, Jack Harkness

So about the strippers... )
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[Dec. 11th, 2013|02:33 pm]

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WHO: Tim and Kian
WHERE: The Lawrence House
WHEN: Week 5, Wednesday, afternoon
WHY: Returning home from the hospital

Ever since Tim had been taken into hospital Kian had been on edge )
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[Dec. 5th, 2013|07:56 pm]

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Who: Tabitha and Russle
Where: Forest outside of Cresent Hills.
When: Week 5, Sunday morning
Why: Tabitha gets a bit of a surprise when she's looking for herbs.
Warning: no warnings yet.

Beware of wolves in the forest, little red riding hood. )
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[Nov. 25th, 2013|03:30 pm]
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Who: Lucius and Evienne
Where: Lucius' home
When: Week 4: late Wednesday night
Why: Evie is unable to sleep
Warning: TBD

I have miles to go before I sleep )
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[Nov. 16th, 2013|07:42 pm]

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Who: Lucien and Piper
Where: Emerson's home
When: Week 4, Sunday, Just after noon
Why: Lucien is on the hunt for liquor.
Warning: Language, possibly, and Lucien's thoughts. More to be added.

Ninety-nine bottles of beer on the wall, take one down and pass it around, ninety-eight bottles of beer on the wall... )
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[Nov. 13th, 2013|03:22 pm]

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WHO: Mir Fortunatov and Hannibal Lecter
WHERE: Hannibal's practice
WHEN: Week 4, Wednesday, 10 am.
WHY: Shit has hit the fan at Mir's home and well he needs a Doctor to talk with.
WARNING: Possible language, talk of wanting to kill someone, emotions, More to be added.

What happens when you become your worst fear? )
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[Nov. 9th, 2013|08:03 pm]
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Who: Karena and Liam
Where: Carrick's Estate
When: Week 3, Saturday afternoon
Why: Karena spies Carrick's slave out in the yards
Warning: TBD

Read more... )
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If music be the food of love [Nov. 8th, 2013|11:50 am]

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WHO: Carrick and Eterna (may contain multiple threads if they bump into other Masters there. Hannibal, perhaps?)
WHEN: Week 3, Saturday night
WARNING: Carrick is pitching woo.
Read more... )
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[Oct. 31st, 2013|11:59 am]
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WHO: Maia and Rajani
WHERE: Sinsations
WHEN: Week 3, Saturday Lunchtime
WHY: Rajani asked to see Maia about something
WARNINGS: Language

show me what you've got, hit me with your best shot )
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[Oct. 10th, 2013|04:29 pm]
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Who: Maia and Ambrose
Where: Sinsations
When: Week 1, Thursday Evening
Why: They had a session arranged
Warning: BDSM, maybe to be added

I always felt there were two kinds of people. Wolves and sheep - those who kill and those who get killed. )
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[Oct. 9th, 2013|10:58 pm]

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Who: Damon Salvatore, Lord Carrick
Where: The Salvatore estate
When: Week 1, A couple of hours after dark on Wednesday night
Warning: None yet. To be added to. Probably discussion of slavery and discipline.
A matter of courtesy )
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[Oct. 7th, 2013|09:12 pm]
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Who: Roxanne Heccate & Zéphyrine Eudocia
Where: Eudocia Manor
When: Week 1, Tuesday, Night
Why: Roxanne needs a place to stay till her place is fixed up
Warnings: Swearing, possible discussion of slavery

Pass me the grimmerie please )
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Velcome To My Home [Oct. 6th, 2013|06:38 pm]
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Who: Isaiah Yonah and Jackson Williams
Where: Isaiah's manor
When: Week 1, Wednesday, Mid-day
Why: Jackson has to see his new home!
Warnings: Blood play, graphic injury, and more to be added
You'll live here, but it won't be a home. )
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