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[Apr. 26th, 2014|08:30 pm]

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[Current Location |Carrick estate ]

WHO: Russell and Carrick
WHERE: A terrace in Carrick's house
WHEN: Week 13, Sunday just before sunrise
WHY: Morning comes

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[Apr. 19th, 2014|10:06 am]

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Who: Morgan and OPEN (multiple threads possible)
Where: The Avalon
When: Week 12, Saturday night
Why: Slaves night
Warning: TBD, may include swearing, sexual content, D/s, BDSM, intoxication

There he goes. My baby walks so slow. Sexual tic tac toe. )
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[Apr. 3rd, 2014|11:23 am]

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Who: Russell and Rafe
Where: Carrick's Estate
When: Week 12, Wednesday afternoon
Warning: Possible sexy times
Getting to know you, getting to know all about you... )
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Moon Party [Mar. 28th, 2014|06:19 pm]

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Who: The Hale Pack (Laura, Derek, Mir, Isaac, NPC Uncle Paul, Jeremy, Scott), any and all local werewolves, and their slaves.
When: Week 11, Thursday evening
Where: Hale Estate & the Preserve
Why: Full Moon Run = Hungry Wolves who need to eat!
Warnings: TBA

In the full moon's light I listen to the stream / And in between the silence hear you calling me / But I don't know where I am / And I don't trust who I've been / And If I come home how will I ever leave - Full Moon by The Black Ghosts )
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[Mar. 16th, 2014|11:17 pm]
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WHO: Karena and Russell
WHERE: Carrick Estate
WHEN: Week 11. Monday afternoon
WHY: Karena hasn't really interacted with her fathers "special friend"

The leaves have changed a time or two, Since the last time the train came through )
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[Mar. 15th, 2014|11:35 am]

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Who: Russell & Rafe open to any who live in or visit Carrick's estate
Where: Carrick's estate
When: Week 10, Friday afternoon
Why: To meet the new boy
Warning: Sexy times
A shiny new boy )
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[Mar. 2nd, 2014|12:04 am]
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[Current Mood | numb]

WHO: Open to Everyone
WHERE: Auction House
WHEN: Week 10. Sunday. All Day.
WHY: Can't have a Master and Slave game without an auction!
WARNING: Mention of slavery. Masters might test out new slaves. Will update with more warnings as things happen.

Going once, going twice, sold! )
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[Feb. 28th, 2014|08:10 pm]
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Who: Hermes, Russell
When: Friday Afternoon, Week 9
Where: Carrick's estate
Why: Russell has permission to play with Carrick's new toy.
Warnings: TBD

His mind was on rock and roll and having fun//Because he lived so fast he had to die so young.//But he made his mark in history.//Still ev'rybody says: Rock me Amadeus )
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[Feb. 24th, 2014|10:58 pm]

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WHO: Carrick and Russell
WHERE: The Carrick estate
WHEN: Week 9. Sunset on Thursday
WHY: Russell is moving in with Carrick while flood damage is repaired

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[Feb. 14th, 2014|10:12 pm]

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[Current Mood | excited]

WHO: Bella and OPEN
WHERE: Supermarket in town
WHEN: Week 8. Friday. Afternoon
WHY: Bella does the shopping.

Put your hands on me, I'll break your friggin' clavicle. )
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[Feb. 7th, 2014|11:32 pm]

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WHO: Carrick and Russell
WHERE: Russ' hotel in town
WHEN: Week 8. Thursday evening
WARNING: Sex. Light to moderate erotic spanking.

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[Feb. 5th, 2014|08:06 pm]

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[Current Mood | aggravated]

Who: Russell & Noctis
Where: One of the nicer hotels in town
When: Week 8 Thursday evening
Why: Flooded basement in the cabin
Warning: TBD
Insurance agents are spawn of the devil. )
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[Jan. 31st, 2014|07:43 pm]

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[Current Mood | aggravated]

Who: Russell and Noctis
Where: Russell's Cabin
When: Week 8 Monday afternoon
Why: All that snow had to go somewhere...
Warning: TBA
It could be worse... )
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[Jan. 24th, 2014|08:41 pm]

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[Current Mood | pissed off]

Who: Russell & Carrick
Where: Carrick's Estate
When: Week 7, Thursday night
Why: Russ has a bone to pick with Carrick
Warning: Angst, harsh words and possible angry sex, possible triggers, and discussion of non-con
Love is a battlefield )
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[Jan. 20th, 2014|09:11 pm]

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[Current Mood | shocked]

Who:Russell & Noctis
Where: Carrick's estate
When: Week 7 Thursday, Late morning
Why: Russell discovers what happened to Noctis
Warning: TBD
This isn't going to end well )
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[Jan. 20th, 2014|09:45 am]

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[Current Mood | exhausted]

Who: Russell & Eterna
Where: Carrick's Estate Strong Room in the Cellar
When: Week 7, Thursday Morning, End of Full Moon Cycle
Why: Mischief
Warning: Possible triggers, non-con
There's a monster in the basement )
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[Jan. 19th, 2014|04:20 pm]

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[Current Mood | restless]

Who: Carrick & Russell
Where: Carrick's Estate
When: Week 7, Tuesday, Moon rise
Why: For your own safety
Warning: Bondage and possible sex
Ya hear him howlin' around your kitchen door, Ya better not let him in, Little old lady got mutilated late last night, Werewolves of London again )
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[Jan. 16th, 2014|11:18 pm]

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WHO: Carrick and Russell
WHERE: Carrick's house
WHEN: Week 7. Very late Sunday night
WHY: Carrick promised to come to Russ before morning...
WARNING: Sex, surprisingly. Light bondage.
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[Jan. 6th, 2014|10:44 pm]

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Who: Russell & Noctis (OTA)
Where: Carrick's Estate
When:Week 7; Sunday afternoon/evening.
Why: Caught out in the storm
Warning: TBA
Walls have ears. Doors have eyes. Trees have voices. Beasts tell lies. Beware the rain. Beware the snow. Beware the man you think you know. -Songs of Sapphique ― Catherine Fisher, Incarceron )
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[Jan. 4th, 2014|11:12 pm]

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[Current Mood | angry]

WHO: Noctis and Russell
WHERE: Russell's Cabin
WHEN: Week 6. Wednesday. Morning. After this Thread
WHY: Because Noctis almost killed his Master's boyfriend

Hiccup! If you ever want to get out there to fight dragons, you need to stop all... [gestures to all of Hiccup] this. / But you just pointed to all of me! )
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[Dec. 28th, 2013|11:09 pm]

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[Current Mood | awake]

Who: Russell and Carrick
Where:Russ' house and the surrounding woodland
When: Week 6 Tuesday night
Warning: Sex, most likely rough.

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[Dec. 19th, 2013|12:47 am]

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[Current Mood | irritated]

Who: Russell and Carrick
Where:Russ' house and the Carrick Estate
When: Week 6 Monday night
Warning: phone sex

Ring ring )
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[Dec. 17th, 2013|10:14 pm]

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[Current Mood | frustrated]

Who: Russ and Noctis
Where:Russ' cabin
When:Week 6 Sunday late afternoon
Why: (Chopping Wood to keep from doing something worse to Noc)
Warning: (TBD)
How much would could a woodchuck chuck... )
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[Dec. 13th, 2013|12:29 pm]

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[Current Mood | distressed]

WHO: Noctis and Russell
WHERE: Forrest surround Crescent Hills
WHEN: Week 5. Wednesday. Afternoon
WHY: Because Noctis ran away and Russell is going to bring him home

My name's Hiccup. Great name, I know, but it's not the worst. Parents believe a hideous name will frighten off gnomes and trolls. Like our charming Viking demeanor wouldn't do that. )
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[Dec. 9th, 2013|08:25 pm]

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Who: Russell & Noctis
Where: Russ' cabin in the woods
When: Week 5, Sunday, late afternoon
Warning:(To be added later)
There's got to be a joke in here somewhere... )
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[Dec. 5th, 2013|07:56 pm]

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Who: Tabitha and Russle
Where: Forest outside of Cresent Hills.
When: Week 5, Sunday morning
Why: Tabitha gets a bit of a surprise when she's looking for herbs.
Warning: no warnings yet.

Beware of wolves in the forest, little red riding hood. )
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OPEN to all [Dec. 1st, 2013|09:46 pm]

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[Current Mood | apathetic]

WHO: Open to everyone... or at least everyone who can stand drinking with Carrick
WHERE: A bar not far from the auction house
WHEN: Week 5. Sunday. Late evening
WHY: A depressed Carrick is in need of a drink
WARNING: Depressed Carrick. Take that warning as you will...

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[Nov. 30th, 2013|11:22 pm]
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[Current Mood | listless]

WHO: Open to Everyone
WHERE: Auction House
WHEN: Week 5. Sunday. All Day.
WHY: Can't have a Master and Slave game without an auction!
WARNING: Mention of slavery. Masters might test out new slaves. Will update with more warnings as things happen.

Going once, going twice, sold! )
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