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[Mar. 15th, 2014|08:19 pm]

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Who: Simon and River
Where: Morgans Apartment
When: Week 10, Wednesday late at night
Why: The house is divided and poor River is in the middle of it all.
Warning: TBD

Don't you dare look out your window, darling everything's on fire )
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[Feb. 28th, 2014|10:51 pm]

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Who: Morgan and River
When: Week 9, Sunday afternoon
Where: The apartment
Why: Things have been tense
Warnings: TBD, generally River, possible mention of sexual situations

You spin me right round baby, right round )
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Don't Call Him Domesticated [Jan. 24th, 2014|10:57 am]

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Who: Dean, Simon, and River.
Where: The Avalon
When: Week 7, Tuesday afternoon.
Why: Dean's bored, and likes cooking.
Warnings: Dean doing domestic things, River being River.

Onions and bacon cooking up just makes your kitchen smell so good. In fact, one day I'm going to come up with a room deodorizer that smells like bacon and onions. It's a fabulous smell. )
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[Dec. 11th, 2013|07:58 pm]

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Who: Open to all
Where: The Avalon
When: Week 5. Sat, evening
Why: Slave night
Warning: Mild sexual content, intoxication

I'm a slave for you. I won't deny it; I'm not trying to hide it. )
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[Nov. 11th, 2013|08:40 pm]

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WHO: Tamgan Morgan, Simon, and River
WHERE: The Avalon
WHEN: Week 4, Monday, Morning
WHY: The voices in River's head are telling her to get rid of the poison. (Translation: River's doing crazy things.)
WARNING: Language, Chinese swear words

There's a house built out in space. )
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[Oct. 24th, 2013|10:08 pm]

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Who: Morgan, Simon, and River
Where: The Avalon
When: Week 2, Wednesday, Evening
Why: River's playing hide and seek with Simon, even if he doesn't know it. Actually, she was bought by a less than nice Master, and Morgan's going to fix that!
Warning: Mention of slavery, language, possible implications of planned torture, TBA

Make me a stone. )
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