May 12th, 2009

[info]achillies in [info]bsg93_avalon

Combat Air Patrol

2200 Hrs. Battlestar Avalon Combat Air Patrol

The high pitched sound of the Vipers three aft mounted turbo-thrust engines rang in Achilles ears as he maneuvered the small craft. He was three hours into a four hour CAP and he had run out of things to occupy his mind. Looking at his HUD for the hundredth time he sighed loudly.

"And still nothing" He said to himself as he watched the empty dradus.

Achilles looked out the canopy at the three other Vipers in the CAP flight. It seemed from the look of it that boredom had taken hold of the other pilots as well, then something caught his attention. Close to the edge of his Vipers dradus range was a contact, then another. After watching the contacts approach for a minute, a predatory smile crossed Achilles lips as he read the registration number, Raptor 2257.

"Fish" He said to himself in a low voice

"Lead this is Viper two. I have two contacts bearing 227. Request permission to take a closer look"

"Achilles this is Eris. You are clear to check out the contacts, but I hope you never need a Raptor pick up. Those guys don't forget anything" Eris said, stifling a small laugh.

Throwing his Viper into a hard 180 degree turn and hitting full thrusters, Achilles quickly closed the distance between his Viper and the unsuspecting Raptors. Before they could react, Achilles Viper shot between them, thrusters still on full. The hulls of the three ships were less than four feet apart as he speed through and sent the Viper into a series of rolls as the Raptors regained control.

"Achilles you sick frak. You almost hits us." Fish yelled over the cursing of the other Raptor pilots.

"Lead this is two, Contact ident confirmed. Returning to formation." He said between laughs.

"Roger that Achilles, return to formation." Eris said

Achilles pulled the stick back and did a quick half loop. Then righting the Viper he waved at the Raptors as he flew passed. His wave was met with several hand gestures that were less then cordial.

"Hay Achilles, we just want to thank you for donating the liquor for a small squadron party this evening. I'll pick it up from your locker on the way to the rec room. We'd invite you, but it seems that you still have another hour on the CAP. Fish out" Fish said, his voice full of false cheer.

As he pulled back into formation he looked over at Eris, who was shaking her head "It's not like you weren't warned." She said as the rest of the CAP tried keeping their Vipers steady while laughing

2330 Hrs Battlestar Avalon Pilots rec room.

Achilles walked quickly into the room, not having bothered removing his flight harness. Seeing him, Fish stood and addressed the small group of pilots who were there.

"And here he is people, The man who not only keeps the ship safe from commercial shipping during the late night, but who also donated two bottles of Capricas finest, Achilles." Fish shouted

The room was instantly filled with the applause and jeers of the pilots who were all holding up full glasses. Achilles smiled and shook his head. "Ok, ok. Now someone point me in the direction of the donated booze" He said