May 6th, 2009

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A moment of rememberance

7 Years ago, Caprica City

"Come on Tyler you can do better than that." Tyler looked back at his brother Rick who was trying to teach him and his younger brother how to shoot a Colonial assault rifle. "Here let me show you how it's done."

Present Day, Avalon Starboard Flight Deck 1325 hours

"DoubleTap to Avalon all pre-flight checks clear green ready for launch." The Air-Controller looked at him with a faint smile and gave him the go-ahead. "Good hunting Lieutenant."

Present Day, Avalon Airspace 1355 hours

The hum of the Viper Mk.VII's three Kinetic Energy Weapons or K.E.W's led into the rattle of the firing of the 20mm training rounds used on missions such as these so as to cause minimal damage to opponents. "Good shot man," a call came out from "Fish," who had forgotten about Tyler while he went after the training drone. It was now just Tyler and the last Mk.III training drone. "Avalon, this is DoubleTap, no sign of last target. Requesting permission to land." Just then a glint from the corner of his eye caught his attention. "Disregard my last, target sighted. Re-engaging." Tyler turned on the reverse thrusters, flipped his Mk.VII 180 degrees, and Gunned the afterburner toward his target. "You're mine you Mother-Frakker." mumbled the Lieutenant to himself as he squeezed the trigger and lit up the last drone. "DoubleTap to Avalon, mission accomplished. I'm Headed home."
The whole way in Tyler couldn't get the memory of his brother out of his mind. The tired pilot leaned his head against his seat and stared at the flight deck as he released the stick for a hands off landing.