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8/10/20 11:21 am - [info]amejisuto - Weekly Prompts: What would you do if money was no object?

This week's journal prompt is what would you do if money was no object?

For me, I'd buy a plot of land, somewhere near the city but not quite in it. I'd build me a little house and have a garden put all around it. Lots of windows so I could see the flowers. I'd hire someone to clean for me and to help me around the house and drive me to the store. Its been so long since I had a car, I don't think I remember how to drive anymore. LOL.

But I'd have a little house, decorated to my tastes with lots of shades of purple and cream. Little fairy houses in the garden and other whimsical things. Birdhouses and wind chimes. Very modern fairy tale kind of feel.

I'd live there happily on my own, spending the day reading snd doing what I want. No worries about housework or cleaning the litter box. The cleaning person can do that for me.

No big dreams of traveling or big houses. Just a little quiet life where I don't have to worry about paying bills.

So, what would you do?

8/9/20 07:24 pm - [info]heartofsteel - Animes watched

bougou to alchemist shinpan no haguruma #13 (finale):

Danzai dived into the tainted book to release the shattered souls of other authors and faced off the other Ryu. He made the original Ryu vanish to save the literature. As he was at losing end of battle, the other authors who regained their shattered souls, aided danzai. Danzai finally defeated the other Ryu who tried to strangle him. The original Ryu turned up to finish off the other him. Life returned to normal.

maou gakuin no futekigousha #06:

Anos invited ray, misa and others to his home for dinner. In school, anos and ray were selected in sword tournament. Later, meilehis - anos' former subordinate met anos. The former retainer still recognised anos as his master and asked anos to drop out of tournament. Next day, Anos and misha went outing to shop magical items. In a cat cafe, Anos met a lord in disguise who passed information of his investigation. They ran into ray who was visiting his hospitalised mother. In tournament day, anos got more information and failed to join for his battle so as to uncover the plot. However, his father made a sword for him and he decided to turn up.

one piece #936:

Hiyori told zoro how she had survived for past 20 years and raised by the remaining retainer - kappa. Meanwhile, kappa was locked in udon prison after he was separated from hiyori. In udon prison, the battle was still ongoing. The old man hyo cleared luffy's confusion on haki by demonstrating his strength. Other place, law left others to find his captured crew members.

8/8/20 05:39 pm - [info]alafaye - Sorry no photos today

Apparently it's almost been a month since I updated. Oops.

justnotgood )

Hope everyone is ok and you're staying safe. *hugs*

8/7/20 07:27 pm - [info]heartofsteel - Animes watched

deca-dence #05:

Natsume attempted to fight the self healing gadoll after seeing many people being killed. Kaburagi saved her and killed the gadoll, triggering a more powerful one despite it breaking the rules. He helped in destroying the more powerful gadoll but this did not destroy the other gadolls in the world. His organisation questioned kaburagi and shot him.

gibiate #04:

Adam arrived in time to save the professor from the evolved brian. Kathleen and others came upon a samurai museum where Sansui, sanada and the monk got their old weapons back to fight the gibiate in the building. Adam and the professor drove a van to meet them. As sansui fought, he recalled the first time he met sanada in feudal Japan and they fighting as enemies in the war. Back to present, sansui exhausted himself as he fought to get others to the vehicle. While driving the van, its tire bursted. Sanada and the monk had to fight off the arriving gibiate.

no gun life s2 #05:

Olivier demanded for the data and told juzo that tetsurou and Chris were released by the terrorists. Rosa mistook their action when she went to visit juzo. A peeker tried to go around looking at girls' bodies with his x ray eyes but was caught by Mary. Juzo warned him and let him off.

strike the blood IV #03:

The online witch appeared and sent kojou and others into the online world. Yukina met 'the blood' who showed her the identity of creator. The witch attempted to send the horn girl into depression but kojou saved her. They defeated the witch and returned to real world.

8/5/20 11:06 am - [info]amejisuto - What's up with me ...

I just wanted to let y'all know that my new meds are working, I'm feeling much better now. I even got a feeling of glee when I got his new perfume in the mail. It's got notes of rose and sandalwood and musk and it smells so yummy! Nice.

I also ordered me some palo santo incense sticks and they came in yesterday too. Very nice smell. I may have to break down and get the actual thing. I try to smoke clear my cards and crystals but the sage stick won't stay lit very long. It might be worth the investment.

I'm actually doing pretty well. I'm going to start cleaning my apartment better because while I was depressed I let things slip. So it's time to do some cleaning. I'm hoping if we get another stimulus check I can get a new bed. I need one desperately, this one is over ten years old, and when I moved my bed frame didn't make it so it's on the floor. So yeah, need a new bed.

I'll also need to get some of those pet steps for Max. He's getting older and doesn't always like to jump. Poor dear.

So that's what has been going on with me. I hope y'all are okay despite the beer flu and rampaging bears.

8/4/20 03:03 pm - [info]amejisuto - Happy Birthday!

A very happy birthday to my friend [personal profile] ilthit! Hope you are having a great day and congratulations again for pushing a human out of your body. LOL.

8/3/20 11:06 am - [info]amejisuto - Weekly Prompts: What is the perfect movie?

The Weekly Prompts for today is what is the perfect movie? You know, the one you never want to be remade or rebooted. The one you can watch a thousand times and still clap at the end.

Mine is The Princess Bride. Just like the Grandfather says, it's got everything. And the acting is almost perfect.

Okay, they could have done more for the ROUS's besides having a little person in a rat suit, but otherwise, it really is perfect.

Now, what's yours?

8/3/20 07:47 pm - [info]heartofsteel - Animes watched

bungou no alchemist shinpan no haguruma #12:

The self created Ryu recalled past when original Ryu committed suicide due to torment of his works and vowed to destroy past works to save original Ryu. Because of that, he allowed the tainted to possess him. Back to present, he slayed all other authors. Only danzai survived.

maou gakuin no futekigousha #05:

A demon follower - shin requested to be recurrect with anos after he destroyed a spirit puppet with a slash. Back to present, anos was showed by a student misa to his fan club after he disclosed the culprit who stole the demon staff. A new transfer student of royalty birth - ray wanted to join anos' team but was demanded to prove himself by working with misa's group to defeat anos' group. Even though ray and others lost, anos invited them to join him.

one piece #935:

Luffy continued his training in the deadly sumo match. Meanwhile, Korumusaki who was treating zoro's wound, revealed her identity as the missing princess - hiyori, momosuke's younger sister.

8/1/20 07:05 am - [info]amejisuto - Happy Lughnasad!

For those of you who celebrate, Happy Lughnasad! I hope you have a happy harvest!

For everyone else, happy Saturday! I hope you're having a good weekend!
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