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dani_meows [userpic]
Icons I made for weekend marathon thingie

25 HP Icons
30 Doctor Who icons (Mostly from the Pandorica Opens (season five))
15 Sherlock icons (mostly from a Scandal in Belgravia)
10 Sanctuary icons
6 Billie Piper icons
14 stock images


Iconing is fun, iconing is fun. Now it's time to take a break, and see what we have done )

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dani_meows [userpic]
40 icons: 20 Billie Piper icons and 20 Martha Jones (Doctor Who) icons

Obsession: Billie Piper

For obsession20 in20 )

Note: My relationship with Martha is interesting. I hated her at first... because unfortunately a few days after I watched doomsday (I started watching the series after season four was already finished) I happened to catch Utopia while channel surfing just as Jack was saying that he'd seen the list of the dead and it had said Rose Tyler...) her reaction to that scene caused me to hate her. then I watched season three a few months ago finally, and I loved her. This time when she said good old Rose I could relate to her and I even felt sorry for her. So here's to you Martha Jones, the companion that had the worst run with the Doctor, who was using you as a rebound companion. You are awesome.

TV Character: Martha Jones )

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