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[07 Sep 2013|08:14pm]

Who: Kenzie, K'rin
When: Four days after the queenflight and leadership change-over.
Where: K'rin's weyr
Summary: K'rin and Kenzie relax before the first Threadfall under R'ger's leadership.

School's Out [14 Apr 2013|08:37pm]

Who: F’lox, Lyrra
When: Graduation and wing assignments
Where: Benden – training field outside Weyr
Summary: SO HAPPY not to have to answer to S’bor anymore.

Time to be a grown-up. )

[31 Mar 2013|02:58am]

Who: R'ger, Imogen
When: immediately following this
Where: R'ger's weyr
Summary: Scolding. Laughable sexy attempts. Drunkenness. Maybe some real sexyness, later?

How could such intelligent women be such sharding fools? )

[30 Mar 2013|07:08pm]

Who: Kenzie, K'rin
When: Two weeks after K'rin's demotion
Where: K'rin's weyr
Summary: Kenzie and K'rin have a nice over-due talk

Valoth, duty finished, curled back into the dragoncouch and shifted until he was satisfied with his position. He ducked his head to the side, rested his jaw on a higher potion of rock, and closed his eyes. This silliness was for humans, he had no interest in the conversation now that they were out of the water. )

[30 Mar 2013|06:46pm]

Who: Imogen, Kenzie, T'lus, K'rin, R'ger
When: Two weeks after K'rin's demotion
Where: Candidate barracks, Kenzie's quarters, Werybowl, K'rin's weyr
Summary: A green rises, Shielth chases. Imogen finally snaps under the stress of the teasing and has a bit of an anxiety attack over her relationship with R'ger. Kenzie is basically the best BFF ever.

Because who doesn't love silly drunk girls? )

Kenzie and K'rin continued
Imogen and R'ger continued

[17 Mar 2013|11:19pm]

Who: Kenzie, K'rin; then Kenzie & F'lox
When: The evening after K'rin's off-camera demotion.
Where: The Weyrbowl/K'rin's weyr. Then Fen's weyr.
Summary: Kenzie and K'rin are supposed to have a date. That... doesn't work out. THIS IS ALL LYRRA'S FAULT. (To be fair, she feels really bad.) Then Kenzie goes to find her brother and find out what the shells happened.

What do you mean no?! )

[15 Mar 2013|07:40pm]

Who: Lyrra, F'lox, briefly K'rin
When: about three days post-Threadfall
Where: Weyrling Barracks
Summary: Lyrra takes a little revenge on the bronze weyrling who got her and Phinth hurt. This is not a good thing.

Phinth is the responsible one. We should worry. )

How was your day, dear? [15 Mar 2013|04:20pm]

Who: K'rin, Kenzie
When: Evening after bad Fall/meeting with Weyrleader and Weyrwoman
Where: K'rin and Valoth's weyr
Summary: K'rin returns home to wash away the stresses of Threadfall and post-Fall meeting. Kenzie arrives to help put the day to rest.

K’rin was still in his bathing chamber scrubbing the sweat and stench from his skin when he heard Kenzie’s voice call his name from the large hallway between ledge and dragon couch. He wiped water from his eyes and blinked blearily at the far wall. )

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