June 21st, 2019



Hello friends!

Today was the last day for Pokemon related things! Hope everyone got what they wanted and are on their way to wrapping up stuff from that plot, coz we’ve got more things on the way! If you haven’t already, please leave a note saying what pokemans your characters got here so I can make a chart about it!

The new plots aren’t starting up yet but I’m gonna give ya’ll a schedule for them and the general break down just so everyone can do some plotting, because these are kinda heavy ones, and I think they require some forethought and planning.

July 6th-17th:
The Super-Flu

Early on July 6th, someone is going to open a Door and something terrible is going to blow through it, like an alternate-dimensional plague.

Any characters that deviate from Earth Standard Norms (this means super-powered, augmented, alien, whatever) are going to come down with a mysterious illness. How this illness might affect your character is up to you, for the most part. If they had powers they might lose them, if they were scientifically augmented they might go back to how they’d been before that, if your character is a magic user they could either lose their magic or maybe become very ill every time they try using a spell, etc.

Our characters are going to have to writhe around in agony and sadness for 12 days (when it will wear off naturally), unless they can figure out some kind of cure! The caveat to this is, the doors will not open for those twelve days!

Characters are free to opt out by having been through the doors when the plague was let in, and they can return through the doors even if no one can leave through them!

July 23-31st
The Gifting Plot

Any time during this period your character can receive a really great gift! It can be something bigger than you might not be able to get as gifts in partner threads i.e.: The TARDIS for the Doctor, or a specific room or portion of a building (that will, miraculously, fit inside your characters’ house or apartment with no problem at all with some House of Leaves and Doctor Who style bigger on the inside magic) or pretty much anything else you can think of (barring npcs, and with mod approval!).

BUT, if your character gets a great gift, they also have to get a bad gift! These will vary by person based on canon, of course, but some examples might include: a bad memory they tried covering up, an item that reminds them of something bad that was done to them, or that they used to do something to someone else with, etc etc.

Ask your questions here about any of the following.

I’m going to be gone a lot of next week and I might not be around to bug you to get your Activity in! But it’s due, as ever, on the last day of the month! Do it early, so you don’t forget! :)