Tuesday, April 14th, 2015

new character: kinah guthrie(-jalili)

Hi! Kait here!

First, a mod thing: the character limit has been abolished, because the activity rules we have in place make sure people can handle their character loads so we're leaving that up to people's discretion.

Oooooon that note, the rule change is completely my fault. (Stop laughing, Sands)

This is Kinah Guthrie, and I attempted to bring her in when the game first opened last year but there were some kerfuffles and the player playing her brother got busy and never apped. BUT now that Sands is playing Kareem (hi Kareem!) it seems fit to bring her back. Also, we... need a doctor!

Kinah just turned 31, and she's an exeliphysiologist, which is a made-up term for medicine involving mutants and metahumans. She's been working at a hospital in Dubai with an exeliphysiology program, where she met her husband. However, this kind of hospital drew the ire of conservative extremists, and in the fall of last year the hospital was bombed. Kinah was unharmed, but her husband was killed. She's been trying to continue work there, but she misses her family and her country, so she's come home to work at New Avalon Academy as your resident physician!

She's only been out of the country for the past couple of years, so a lot of characters are likely to know her. She's Kareem's big sister, she's friends with Pella, and she seriously dated Ellis Van Dyne while they were students at Brown. She's a quiet kind of know-it-all, she doesn't like to raise her voice, but she definitely likes to be right. She's a... team mom religious pacifist bookworm, so she'll spend a lot of time in the library (hi Charlie!). Profile is at [info]maidofthemists. :)

♥ kait
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Monday, March 23rd, 2015


Okay so there was plot over the last couple days that I havent been around for to lead, so I'm going to be postponing it to next week. :) I AM SORRY.

kait (who is still in tech)
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Thursday, March 19th, 2015


in case you're wondering where i am. ;)

and I'm sick. and my Sleeping Beauty had her appendix out this morning and we open Thursday.

so if my stuff's limited that's why - I'm around here and there, I'm posting some stuff, but if I'm slow or if I'm not too too chatty or if I'm straight up MIA at night, this kind of marks the beginning of ~tech~ for the musical i'm directing. yaaay.
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Friday, March 6th, 2015

Hi, everyone! :D

This isn't really a hiatus notice, because I'll still be around, but I just want to let you guys know that all of my teaching/directing stuff is happening at the same time over the next three weeks, along with my regular jobs. When I'm at home, I'll probably be building weird stuff like a giant birthday cake and magic fairy wands and a dragon head so I may not be ~around~ as much as usual. I still plan to be around and playing, I just might not be too too available from now until March 27, idek.

Then again I usually say this and then rebel and play even more ;)

♥ kait
(Jack, Billy, Owen, Evangeline, Kassi, Gale, Cal, Milo, Bex, Steven)
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Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

So... um. I raised the character limit to ten. Nine was a weird number.

This is Evangeline Frost.

And with her, we have a timeline of the school! Emma Frost and Tony Stark founded New Avalon Academy after Xavier's School/the Jean Grey Institute in Westchester was destroyed in 1983. The first active year of classes was 1985, and the first graduating class was 1989. New Avalon as a community sprung up around the same time, but started off smaller, but had grown into the neighborhood it is now by 2000. So for those of you who were curious about that, there you go!

Evangeline is part of that first graduating class (making her 43), and she's the daughter of Emma Frost and Scott Summers. She's been X-Men royalty and a mutant isolationist most of her life, and she's just the epitome of wealth and privilege. She's a powerful psychic, and as a child she was ~so~ powerful and uncontrolled that she could only parrot back the thoughts of other people and had no ability to bring her own thoughts to the surface. She keeps her powers under very tight control, and staunchly believes that powered people need to control themselves and possibly isolate themselves for their own wellbeing and for the wellbeing of others. She... you know, you either love her or hate her, and her opinions have the power to really piss people off or be truly inspirational.

She acted as a commander for several small factions of X-Men (who have largely scattered into many small groups at this point), and ruthlessly worked to take out cells of anti-mutant extremists. She's past her superhero days for the most part, and has devoted much of her life to taking care of her daughter Astrid. Don't ask where Astrid's dad is, Astrid was conceived via a very specially-selected sperm donor because Evangeline wanted a kid, not a freaking husband.

Astrid is six and a prim little princess, a little mini-me of her mother, and she recently destroyed their home because -- surprise! -- Astrid got Cyclops powers. So Astrid is never without a pair of enormous and fashionable ruby quartz sunglasses, and hopefully she won't blow anything up.

Evangeline will be teaching Physics and Calculus, and helping Jes act as school administrator. She's going to be the one to kick off career day, surprise! :D

She doesn't have a lot of friends, but needs a few. I imagine she might be somewhat new to a lot of the younger people, as she hasn't been in the area for a long time. She can help with psychic matters, if you can get her to say yes -- she doesn't perform favors lightly. Enjoy her :D

♥ kait
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Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014



/end sparkles

Today is Jojo's birthday, errbody :D Just wanted to announce. ^_^
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Thursday, November 27th, 2014


It's been pretty quiet the last couple of weeks and haven't been on AIM too much, but it's the start of the holiday season and I know for my part, I've been in a work/video game coma for a while and struggling to focus. HOWEVER, I'd love to know what all your characters did for Thanksgiving or what plans were going on so they can come up IC!

  • Who spent Thanksgiving with whom?

  • Any embarrassing stories that'll go around for years to come?

  • Any culinary disasters?

  • Any fights?

  • Any drunken makeout sessions?

  • Etc etc!

Much love and a happy Thanksgiving to anyone celebrating it! We'll be back in swing soon, but expect things to be slow during December, so we're actually going to move the time travel plot to January just so we can get our footing again. :)

I'm up for logs/threads/etc - I'm working nights this weekend and won't be around a ton but I'd love to feel like I'm getting back into the swing just by chatting. :)

Love you guys!
♥ kaity
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Sunday, October 12th, 2014

Hey guys - just letting everyone know I'm not going to be around much for the next couple days. I'll get some tags in late tonight, probably, but not as much as usual; tonight I'm DMing and tomorrow I'm visiting my dad in the hospital.

This affects Jo, too ♥ so just letting everyone know at once instead of tossing IMs/emails everywhere. :)

EDIT: this may be moot, I may not be going anywhere tomorrow 'cause dad's stuff isn't as clean-cut as we thought. so. this may be a silly post.

EDIT 2: This is a silly post. I'll be around all day tomorrow. oops.
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Friday, September 26th, 2014

Jo made me promise to announce that it is my fault that the character limit has been raised to nine.

It's my fault. There. I said it.

This is Kasira "Kassi" Khan-Carrelli, daughter of (the new) Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan, and her "second-best-friend" Bruno Carrelli. She's a lifelong geek, born and raised, and as such is highly active in cosplay, D&D, video games, comics, collecting, writing fanfic, etc. In addition, she's also the independent registered hero known as Wonder! Actually, she's the independent registered hero known as Wonder Girl, but now that she's 25 she's decided that's really juvenile and she updated her codename on her registration this year. No one cares; she's still Wonder Girl to everyone.

She grew up in Jersey City, a little bit away from everyone else, but she went to school with the likes of Peggy Rogers and Cal Barton, and if you're in the mid-twenties area you were probably in school with her. I have some ideas for connections with other characters already: you can read about them here! )

Right now, Kassi lives above a Staten Island landromat in a one-bedroom apartment with a cat and way too much stuff. She's going to move to New Avalon by the start of October.

Bring it. :x

♥ kait
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Monday, August 25th, 2014


(CARLA! I'm sorry I didn't start Cal/Isaac like I said - I have a doc open but I got distracted with stuff like this. XD)

Okay, so... I hit the character limit before Jo, though Jo is working on character #8. I only kind of feel bad? I meant to have another student, or a girl, or a POC, but this has been nagging at me to revive and the best direction/plot I could come up with.

let's have some backstory! it's long, sorry-not-sorry )
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Friday, June 27th, 2014

So... this was not how I planned on spending my evening and not how I planned on using my last character slot BUT THERE YOU GO.

This brings me up to the full seven :x Meet Dr. Milo Pym. You know him as your genetics teacher, as well as the author of Why Don't I Have Cancer? and Other Questions of the Newfound Metahuman. His dad's Hank Pym and his mom's Janet van Dyne, and he's everyone's favorite eccentric, flighty academic. He's friendly and loves to talk, but he generally gives no fucks about how he's perceived, so that means he can be blunt or rude if he doesn't care, or he doesn't mind making a fool of himself. He's usually late to things, he doesn't keep things clean, he can't cook worth a damn, and sometimes he's not a great listener even when he does care. But he's got a bit of an eye for fashion (thanks mom!) and he's a damn brilliant scientist (thanks dad!), and he's becoming a pop-scientist a la Neil deGrasse Tyson and Brian Cox thanks to his wildly popular Twitter account, his television appearances, and his book.

His powers involve shrinking! Getting really tiny! Also insect wings! But he has these insect wings ALL THE TIME and at his full height (6'3", oh my) his wingspan is nine feet and they're kind of useless, so they get in the way.

PLOTS! Friends! He's open for siblings! Pleeeease <3 <3

ETA: ... this is kait
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Friday, June 13th, 2014

Okay, so I had like ... at least three characters I waffled on prior to this for one reason or another, so this time's the charm for character #6 because I completed her stuff really fast and got her in like lightning.

This is Kait! And we... have no students, so we're making an effort to change that. XD This young lady is Bex Lebeau, codename Rebel. She's seventeen, she's a rebellious and difficult tomboy who likes punk rock and black nailpolish and talks with a ridiculous Southern/Cajun drawl. Mama Rogue and Papa Gambit moved down to Louisiana to handle some shit down there and ended up settling, so she didn't come up to New Avalon to go to school until she was fourteen.

Her powers involve transferring energy out of herself and into other things. For not-people, she can charge objects with explosive kinetic energy like her dad, but for people she has a bit of a problem. When she touches people, she automatically transfers her powers to them (which can lead to disasters), and if they hold on too long to her it'll drain her life force and kill her. So expect her gloved and covered up most of the time, except when her twin brother (who is coming soon) cancels out her powers for a one-hour timeframe.

She has a lil bit of a criminal record (whoops), and she's not a good student, but she's actually pretty damn smart and her heart's in the right place. She's just kind of like the bad kid who hangs out at the gas station sipping a slurpee and smoking a cigarette.

So! Plots, friends, plans to drag in more students perhaps? :) I think she'd get on with Vanessa?
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Thursday, May 15th, 2014

Hey, guys!

Just letting you all know that I'm going to be on Cape Cod for my cousin's wedding this weekend, and I'll be coming home on Monday. I'm bringing my laptop with me, so... tbh this might be moot? XD I'll be around, I think, but... a lil less, I guess. Jo's gonna be with me for Friday night but she'll be back Saturday.

♥ Kait
(Jack, Owen, Cal, Steven, Billy)

x-posted, sorry if you see this twice!
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Friday, May 2nd, 2014

HAPPY MAY! IDK, I feel like a meme. :)

So! I'mma start an ASK ANYTHING meme. Tag in with your characters to let people know you want to answer, and then ask questions of available characters. Anything at all, from silly to serious. I tend to answer questions OOC because they're more honest than the characters would be IC, but if you want to answer IC that's cool too

Just for fun and character development! If you're uncool with answering certain questions (idk, if you're not into answering sex questions), you can mark it when you tag your character in. :)

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Friday, April 18th, 2014

Thread with me? :D


I've got new-game jitters, I gotta admit. :x So! I was wondering if anyone would be interested in threading with any of my folks, who aaaare up to the following things:

Jack Murdock: currently tracking down a black market poison dealer (as Vanessa can attest!), while living his double life as a teacher

Steven Barnes: on indefinite medical leave from SHIELD due to a knee replacement (which is community knowledge), but also due to some mind control implants they found in his brain and had to scrub out (which is not public knowledge) - but he's trying to adjust to being home and being on what amounts to vacation

Owen Rogers: teaching art after basically being one of the most revered superheroes and getting his ass blown up

Cal Barton: causing trouble on the Sentries for being a wildcard and never following rules, will probably offer archery lessons after school for anyone who wants 'em :}

Billy Sinclair: just moved in with Luka Romanov and is at war with Luka's VI, insisting that AVA is sentient and out to get him.

I would love to plot and toss up threads with people! ♥
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Monday, April 7th, 2014

HELLO! :D This is Kait, mod #2! I'm really excited to start this game with all the preliminary plotting that's been going on, but I haven't talked to EVERYONE and now I want to! So, I've got five characters, linked here in my CDJ and reposted below (mostly because I respond to intro posts a lot and need a handy index XD).

Character Roster!! )

So! Plots, friends, family, enemies, rivals, teammates, I am all over it, plz! ♥
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