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Closing Time Meme [25 Apr 2015|08:46pm]

Hey everyone! I thought this would be fun since no one's really playing right now.

Respond to this post with a list of one-word adjectives. You should have a number of adjectives equal to one LESS than the number of characters you have. So if you have 10 characters, come up with 9 adjectives.

Here's the game: Everyone else will try to guess which character of yours matches which adjective, as well as the character you left out. You can make the clues as obvious or as subtle as you want, but they should be accurate.



Explain your choices using no more than 3 sentences!

A lot of these adjectives could describe multiple characters. Explain why you picked the ones you did and why they were better than the other choices on your list!

two announcements [22 Apr 2015|11:01pm]

We realized we haven't actually... ended the plot. So! This is us ending the plot. Amani & Co. apprehended Diane in a citizens arrest and she was taken into police custody. The power dampeners in her cell canceled out the reality warp, and everyone should be back to normal now. :D

The second thing for today is a sad announcement: New Avalon is going to be closing its doors at the end of April. We've had a really cool year, but as a public game, we're just not doing the trick. So you've got about 8 days to tie up any loose ends for New Avalon as it is, and on May 1st we're going to close up shop.

Kait & Jo

new character: kinah guthrie(-jalili) [14 Apr 2015|09:20pm]

Hi! Kait here!

First, a mod thing: the character limit has been abolished, because the activity rules we have in place make sure people can handle their character loads so we're leaving that up to people's discretion.

Oooooon that note, the rule change is completely my fault. (Stop laughing, Sands)

This is Kinah Guthrie, and I attempted to bring her in when the game first opened last year but there were some kerfuffles and the player playing her brother got busy and never apped. BUT now that Sands is playing Kareem (hi Kareem!) it seems fit to bring her back. Also, we... need a doctor!

Kinah just turned 31, and she's an exeliphysiologist, which is a made-up term for medicine involving mutants and metahumans. She's been working at a hospital in Dubai with an exeliphysiology program, where she met her husband. However, this kind of hospital drew the ire of conservative extremists, and in the fall of last year the hospital was bombed. Kinah was unharmed, but her husband was killed. She's been trying to continue work there, but she misses her family and her country, so she's come home to work at New Avalon Academy as your resident physician!

She's only been out of the country for the past couple of years, so a lot of characters are likely to know her. She's Kareem's big sister, she's friends with Pella, and she seriously dated Ellis Van Dyne while they were students at Brown. She's a quiet kind of know-it-all, she doesn't like to raise her voice, but she definitely likes to be right. She's a... team mom religious pacifist bookworm, so she'll spend a lot of time in the library (hi Charlie!). Profile is at [info]maidofthemists. :)

♥ kait

Plot: Good Samaritan [11 Apr 2015|07:37pm]


MEME TIME! [10 Apr 2015|09:49pm]

Anniversay Development Meme )

plot discussion: rescue [10 Apr 2015|09:28pm]

Hey, folks! The internet at our house today is being a real problem but we're on log enough to post this. Today, for the Sentries, there was a mission:

Sentries Mission: Rescue

The Sentries are directed toward an Order base on Staten Island by SHIELD and tasked with arresting its inhabitants. They find the Order camped out in a building fronted by a laundromat and rescue a psychic from their custody. The rescued psychic is taken in by SHIELD, to be given medical and psychiatric treatment. (To recap: "The Order" is the subset within SHIELD responsible for Steven's brainwashing and other aggressive tactics that SHIELD proper shouldn't condone.)

The Order is a human organization, which means the Sentries are facing down men with guns and other SHIELD-grade tech weapons (smoke bombs, etc). There are twelve of them camped out with the psychic and conducting their business, and two of them have enhanced cybernetic/physiological upgrades that make them significantly harder to beat.

It's pretty straightforward and leads into a larger plot, so I don't think anything will go to wrong, but the comments section here is for listing anything that may have happened or who was there and/or wasn't there, if anyone was hurt, etc.

♥! If you guys are up for a group thread or sub threads in aftermath, super, but I figure we can chat about it in the OOC before we get onto the main event (which starts on Monday, so look for another plot post soon).

[09 Apr 2015|03:05am]

Hey all! I just wanted to drop a quick explanation for the log I posted. On Wednesday, Vic was all over the news for a while because he saved a toddler during a supervillain attack, but the boy's mother died. They kept showing footage of him holding the little guy. He came home really late - with the toddler. Most people probably wouldn't know that last part just yet, but they probably saw or heard about the news story since it got so much attention because the kid was cute and sad. :D

dropped characters [07 Apr 2015|01:44pm]

Dropped Characters:
Roman Wisdom / Phantom [info]unsolid (Jo)
Ivy Logan / Sirius [info]evergreens (Jo)
Eric Jeffries / Hardware [info]hardwear (Bear)

Updated 4/8:
Victoria Creed / Vixen [info]vixy (Annie)
Molly Parker / Cat [info]kitteny (Annie)
Nick Rogers / Weapon XX [info]weaponxx (Annie)

Annie was removed from the game for not commenting to activity check.

Ivy's position in the game is essentially up for grabs, as per the Wishlist page.

Good Samaritan Brainstorming Post! [07 Apr 2015|01:12pm]

So, this isn't the official post for Good Samaritan, but it's such a big plot that we wanted to give you guys more time than usual to plot with each other. So to recap, here's what we're doing this week and the next:
» Sentries Mission: Rescue (Friday, April 10th)
The Sentries are directed toward an Order base on Staten Island by SHIELD and tasked with arresting its inhabitants. They find the Order camped out in a building fronted by a laundromat and rescue a psychic from their custody. The rescued psychic is taken in by SHIELD, to be given medical and psychiatric treatment. (To recap: "The Order" is the subset within SHIELD responsible for Steven's brainwashing and other aggressive tactics that SHIELD proper shouldn't condone.)

» Gamewide Event: Good Samaritan (Monday, April 13th - Monday, April 20th)
The rescued psychic from the Staten Island bust turns out to have been infected with Project Haze. Diana Devin has a minor, natural reality warping ability, and thanks to Project Haze, she's been given psychic powers and a big boost all around. The inundation of so many thoughts and feelings over the last few months have driven her a bit... batty. Knowing that the Sentries are stationed at New Avalon, she goes there after she's released from the hospital, intent on repaying them for saving her life. When she comes in contact with everyone's minds and hearts, she realizes just how troubled the residents of New Avalon are, she desperately wants to help them out.

Good Samaritan is going to be an opt-in, open-ended plot. Diana will be finding characters' vulnerabilities or personal flaws and attempting to help fix them -- but she's not all there herself, so whether or not she succeeds is going to be up to you.

So the way it works is this: we say "open-ended" because it's up to you how Diana tries to help your characters. Because of her powers, you have a lot of leeway; they can be de-aged or aged up, be compelled to only tell the truth, have their minds swapped with another character, have powers taken away, edited, or given, or whatever else you want to do! It's totally up to you if Diana's "gifts" are actually going to help your character or just make them miserable for a while.

The plot will end when Diana is caught and cured of the Haze. Our hope is that people within New Avalon will team up to track her down and fix themselves, but if the plot takes you guys elsewhere, SHIELD will manage it themselves. All effects of this plot are temporary, so go wild.

So what are we doing in this post? We're brainstorming! This plot really is whatever you make it to be, so it's super personalized and puts a lot of the responsibility for what happens to your character in your hands. You really can do pretty much anything within reason. Think of this post as a place to toss out whatever ideas you've got, so by the time you officially sign up for the plot later this week, you've got your ducks in a row.

We're leaving a lot of this up to you, but the mods are going to be keeping an eye on things to make sure nothing gets too over the top or we don't risk the literal end of the world next week. By the time the official sign up rolls around, ideally everyone will have themselves figured out and you'll know whether or not your stuff is mod-approved already.

Good hunting!
- Kait & Jo

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NEW AVALON! [06 Apr 2015|08:41am]

A year ago today, New Avalon opened its proverbial doors! Time flies, right? We're proud to have gone this long, and we're looking forward to another year with you lovely people.

Speaking of lovely people, Activity (Not!-)Check is still up (and will be until midnight EST tomorrow), and it's still missing a couple of people! We're waiving activity requirements for March as kind of a pre-anniversary present, but we do need everyone to give us a head's up so we know you're still with us. I think Thirteen and Annie are the ones we're missing, and we'd like not to be! :D

Kait & Jo

game updates are go! [05 Apr 2015|12:39am]

New layouts, headers, tables, tags, EVERYTHING have been done for [info]newavalonmods and [info]avalon_ooc. Kait's having some trouble with her computer battery, so while most of the mod journal pages have been switched to the new layout, we're still under some minor construction. We did get a lot of stuff done, though, so click the cuts to see what's what. :D

OOC community )

General Changes )

[info]newavalon has been officially set up! Every single character in New Avalon should have received an invitation to join, and has been removed from [info]avalon_net, [info]avalon_comm and [info]avalon_logs. So next time you go to play a character, you'll just have to click one button and be good to go. Here are the important things about our new game community that you need to know:
» Every active journal has been sent an invitation to [info]newavalon and should have a comment, either to their contact post or their application post, telling you what their IC tag is. If one of your characters doesn't have one, it's because of a small oversight. We promise not to stealthily kick anyone out during the move. Just drop us a note or request access and we'll fix that right up.

» Everyone's posting access and memberships to the previous comms has been removed. Even [info]newavalonmods has been removed in favor of [info]newavalonbackup, so that our actual mod journal remains as uncluttered as possible and looks all simple and inviting to new players. If you have active threads or posts in any of the old comms, you're more than welcome to finish them where they are and submit any April activity links from those if you need to. There just won't be any new posts in the old communities.

» You can begin posting immediately! In fact, there's already an entry that we used as a test, so the ice is broken.

» The new tagging system goes like this: because everything is in the same community, there are ! tags for every kind of post: !network post, !log/thread, !text message, !misc communication (that last one is just anything that isn't the other three). As gamewide plots happen, we'll be adding specific tags for them so they're easier to track.

» Because we've cut down to a single community, you will not be able to create your own tags anymore. We'll make one anytime a character is accepted. If you want it changed for any reason (e.g. say I entered Evangeline as "Angie Frost" and Kait was like "no I prefer Evangeline", or if I spelled it "Butthead Frost" by accident), just swing by the Drop Box and ask us to fix it. (This is why we dropped the tag into a comment, by the by; we want to start this thing off on the right foot.)

» We strongly suggest that you make use of headers in the new communities (e.g. "log: renegade & agent 11" or "network post: extremis" or "text: druid to micro"). You don't have to use codenames, but you get the idea. It'll make it easier to parse out what's what on your friend's lists or the community itself, since not everyone's friend's lists has visible tags.

If you have any questions, ask them below!

- Kait & Jo

anniversary updates! [04 Apr 2015|03:02am]

Hi everyone! As you all know, our anniversary is coming up in two days (whaaaaat), and in honor of it, our game is getting something of a facelift. Color schemes and layouts are changing, EVERYTHING is being updated to look newer and cooler, some things are getting cut entirely, it's fun stuff.

The biggest change is that we will no longer be using separate communities for everything. Starting sometime this weekend, ALL in-character posting is going to be done in [info]newavalon. Jo is going to be working on setting that community up over the weekend, and there will be a big official How Do It Work post when it's complete, but here's what you're going to eventually expect from it:
» Post types differentiated by tags instead of entire communities (!network post, !text message, !log/thread, etc.)
» Better archiving! Having everything in one place means that we'll be able to create plot specific tags (e.g. !good samaritan, for the upcoming plot this month). It will also make tracking down links for activity check much easier.
» A better, more organized tagging system in general. The mods will create your tags for you when your character is accepted, and it will be easier to modify tags for dropped characters in the future.
» An easier time finding literally anything.

We ARE NOT deleting the old communities. We're keeping them, and we're going to be maintaining them with [info]newavalonbackup instead, so you can always go back to check them or reference them in the future. If you have ongoing threads or conversations in any of those communities, you can still finish them right where they are. We'll be revoking posting access, but you'll still be able to read and comment even if your journals aren't actually part of the communities.

If you have any immediate questions, this post is the place to ask them. :D Please bear with us while we continue to update the mod journal with our new layouts and make everything uniform.

To ensure that everyone has seen this post, please comment below (with something like "read and understood") so we know we're all on the same page.

- Kait & Jo

Plot Calendar: April 2015 [03 Apr 2015|03:07am]

Plot Calendar: April )

[03 Apr 2015|12:28am]

Callie lives! Sorry about the disappearing act. March kicked me in the ass with RL stuff and I kept thinking 'oh the end of the month is forever away' and then WHAM.

So. I'm here. Alive. And ready to get back to it! I LOVE EVERYONE. <3

Anyone wanna play with my girls?

[01 Apr 2015|06:42pm]

Hi hi!

It's Bear here with my 9th character, Amani Munroe. She's the daughter of Storm and Black Panther, former princess, current Wakandan ambassador.

Her parents shared custody of her, raising her in both Wakanda and the States, so she probably knows most of the other X-kids - especially those whose parents were close to Storm and/or worked at the Jean Grey School. Storm was also an Avenger, so she'd know those kids fairly well, in addition to all the science peeps. She also went to school at NAA with Owen and Marvel and she went to college in New York, so she's been around off and on for most of her life. For the last ten years or so she's been more scarce, serving all around the world for her nation's interests.

Amani makes a special effort to promote mutant and metahumans from her public position, and she's been instrumental in spreading Wakandan tech, so she's continued to foster good relationships with the major science dynasties (Stark, Richards, Worthington, etc.). She's friendly and charming on a personal level, though her public persona is a lot more reserved and judicious. She's more reserved and poised than a lot of people might remember if they haven't seen her for a while, but she'll warm up as she gets to relax in her new digs. She's rented a home in New Avalon and is looking forward to rekindling old friendships and making new ones!

Gimme gimme gimme :D

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