Slashing Stargate Atlantis
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Welcome to AtlantisSlash!

Well, despite already having a fic posted, this is the introductory welcome post from your mods here at [info]atlantisslash. We're so happy you've joined IJ's own little slashy corner of the Pegasus Galaxy.

Whether you draw original art or make manips and icons, write drabbles or 80-page novellas, make fanvids or fanmixes, or even just watch and comment, we hope you'll participate and help make this an active community where everyone feels welcome. We'd love your feedback about what you'd like to see here.

To kick things off, we have an impossible question to answer:

What's your single most favourite fan-created SGA slash piece? Why?

Hard, we know, especially when this fandom has some of the most creative people we've ever seen. But if you could just use one piece to win somebody over to Lantean love, what would you pick? (BTW, don't be shy to rec something you've written!)

Now we don't know whether to hope you guys pick all our faves to narrow down our own choices or to give us lots of new goodies to explore...

Have fun!
[info]seleneheart & [info]lilithilien


Oh but you're asking two questions here!

My all time favorite slash piece, and I use that loosely because this is a series, is [info]mirable_dictu's History of Atlantis, Part II. But I don't think it would be a very good first fic in the fandom because a) it's sad in a lot of places, and b) it's really quite long and you don't get to the fandom's favorite slash pairing for a while. I think it's beautiful and moving and hot in a lot of places and she gives us het pairings as well, but as an intro piece it might be a bit much. Given that my second and third favorites are a post death fic-- synecdochic's Freedom's Just Another Word...--and a really long multi-part AU--sheafrotherdon's Farm in Iowa--neither of those work either.

If I were trying to pimp the fandom, I'd go with two fics. I know you said one, but I'm generous that way. :)

Intersections by Kaneko. This one is a perfect first fic because you only have to have seen Rising to read it and yet it's so right for the characters that it still works after you've seen more eps.

Your Inevitable Unhappy Ending by Helen/helenish. I got pulled into the fandom by another fic of hers, but this is a fantastic introduction to both John and Rodney as a pairing and the Pegasus Galaxy as a whole.

And those are just my McKay/Sheppard picks. *facepalms*

OK, we asked 2 questions, but you gave 5 answers. Good ones, though, so we'll let it slide.

Kaneko's "Intersections" is the very first fic I read in this fandom. I hadn't even seen the show -- it all started with the characters I met in that fic.

And "Freedom's Just Another Word" ... *sigh* What a truly incredible fic. And since you brought it up, I have to mention Lim's video inspired by it, "This Is How It Works".

Thank you for reccing the others! I lost my way with "A Farm in Iowa" and need to catch up there. And "History of Atlantis" is one of my bookmarks, ready to read when I have enough free time to really sink my teeth into a long, long fic. (And that would be when exactly?) As for "Your Inevitable Unhappy Ending" I haven't heard of that one at all! Yay! New fic!

Thanks for playing! *awards you a gold star*

Like I said, I'm generous. :)

And yes, I love love love "This is How it Works." Such an excellent vid and so perfect for the fic.

I usually rec "Your Inevitable Unhappy Ending" because I like her ear for Rodney and John banter (tm).

Generous is good, we like generous. ;)

I just read "Your Inevitable Unhappy Ending." What a fantastic story! And the dialogue was spot on. I'm trying to collect my thoughts now so I can give her some worthy feedback. Thanks so much for recommending it!

Hello! I was pointed here by [info]telesilla. :) I thought I'd start posting my SGA fic here, in hopes of helping this comm reach critical mass (if you build it, they will come, and all that). :)

As for your question, Argh! My favorite piece may be something that isn't posted yet. Alternately, there's the piece that got me into the fandom in the first place ("Take Clothes Off As Directed" by Helenish), or the one I've probably read and re-read the most ("Advantage" by Resonant).

Welcome!! I just now finished reading your fic. Loved it!

And thanks for the recs. "Advantage" is one of my favourites, but I don't believe I've read the other one yet. Yay! New fic to read!

(I swore I posted this comment but it's not showing up, so apologies if you get it twice.)