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Fic rec x3, AU, NC-17

I've been off work with evil head-cold of evilness since Thursday. This has conveniently given me time to read through a series of mad epic!fics. I present to you Xanthe's stories General & Dr Sheppard, Coming Home and Hiding in Plain Sight, the last of which is a crossover with NCIS.

I strongly recommend you read the author's notes first; the concept for this AU is cracked (and won't be to everyone's taste) but the stories are still a lot of fun. They follow the romance formula of denial, angst, danger and happy-ever-after which makes them perfect comfort-fic for a cold winter or sick-leave.

I should also warn you that the third fic is seriously colouring my view of NCIS... but kind in a good way ;)

Let me know if you like these stories, and don't forget to leave comments for [info]xanthestories.


How funny! [info]paraka and I were just talking about these last night ... I'd read the first two, but hadn't heard of the third. And now you're reccing it! It's a sign ... I definitely need to read this, even tho I've never seen NCIS.

Oh you really should! If you can get hold of any episodes of NCIS online, I also highly recommend the show. It's pretty much my favourite thing after SGA. I can't decide which of the characters I love most; I just want to smoosh them all :D