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So, I was thinking we could all use a little pick my up after the crushing news from yesterday, so I thought I'd do a picspam.

Click on any of the pictures to see the full version.




(sorry I'm short on Ronon pictures, I seem to have all the candid shots half cut up from art projects that never finished... :S)




Just a note, at first I tried to have an equal number of pictures of everyone, but I'm going off pictures I already had on my computer and realized I just didn't have equal amounts of pictures, so you're getting a mixed bag worth.


So pretty!

I hope you don't mind if I add a few more ...

One of my favourite McKay pics:

Of course! The more the merrier. I wanted to put some pics of Teyla and Weir up,but I was kind of losing steam at that point :P

Also, where did you get that pic of Jason? I was looking everywhere (ok, I poked people on my flist) for a picture of his new hairdo.

It's from Joe Fucklozzi's blog. I have a huge version of it if you'd like me to email it.

Ahh. I have his blog on my flist but I generally don't read it, just check out the pictures (my god I wish the man would use a cut, his posts or friggin *prolific* but so not interesting).

Also, thanks for the offer, but mostly I was just curious what he looked like with it short. :)

his posts or friggin *prolific* but so not interesting

OMG it's so true! And yet he thinks he's the cleverest little engine on the track.

Do you use Firefox? I ended up putting most of my RSS feeds onto my FF toolbar so they're not clogging my flist.

DragonLadyK on LJ

Whoa. Really liking Momoa with the shorter hair, and kinda wishing they'd gone the cut-dreads route on the show. Holy crap. MEOW.

*sigh* Paul McGillion has the prettiest eyes, doesn't he?

I'm going to miss them all so much. I just want to put them in a box under my bed to keep them safe. Do you think anyone would notice if I stole them...?

He really, really does. I love that one head shot he has with the dark background and he's wearing a blue shirt, his eyes are practically *glowing* they look so blue.

Also, I think if you were to steal them, the very least you could do is share them with the group. *nods*

a few examples of why I ♥ Lorne


*happy sigh* Just finished watching tonight's ep. Can't help wondering if they didn't know the score already when they wrote it. :)

DragonLadyK on LJ

Thank you! You even included some of my boy Radek... :D