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Add/drop [May. 9th, 2009|01:00 am]
Hey guys!

Mari here. (: I just wanted to let you know that I'm picking up Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop, so add [info]heavensdoor to your F-lists. And I've dropped Owen, because his voice just wasn't there for me anymore. :/ I might bring him back and reset him at some point in time later if I feel he's come back.

News Update -- AM is going on a pimp run of the communities soon, so I swear we haven't died or anything. I should be around more now because school is done and all I have is work a couple times a week. So I'll be around. (When I'm not making baskets. Dude, it's worse than crack.)

Comment here if you have any questions/comments anything!
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[Apr. 27th, 2009|11:34 am]
Okay guys! Everyone is out of my house (AND I MISS YOU OH MY GOD), including Dominic, who stayed the weekend here. I only have to go to Orlando on Tuesday and stay there until Wed night -- I'll be back Wed evening, kinda late, and may or may not be here. But after that, I'll be here non-stop. ^^ And we can all get busy again!

For those of you I have open threads with.. >.> Maybe we should just leave it at that? Say they're done, or talk about how they finished up? I went back and read most of them today and I can't remember the mindset I was in. Ugh. Exceptions include any threads where there were more than me and someone else: I'll continue the laundry thread and the jail thread.. but the other four? I'm hopeless. >< We can start new ones and say the other ones ended abruptly?

Comments? Concerns? No? :)
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[Apr. 27th, 2009|08:58 am]
Home from NYC and done with the show. I got roped into playing Brigadoon this past week which is why I was barely around, and for that, I apologise. But it's over and I'm playing catch-up and all that rot.

SO! Threadage. *g* Threadage is always a good thing, yes? yes. :^D
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[Apr. 14th, 2009|08:55 pm]
Just a quickie note as I've been waiting for confirmation and FINALLY got it today. Stupid cousin. *sigh*

In any case, I'm off to NYC this weekend for my cousin's bachelorette. I'm leaving eeeearly Friday Morning and will be back (I think) sometime on Sunday. Amy didn't say when we're driving home. So I will be, essentially, gone from Thursday night through Sunday/Monday. ♥ I'll have my phone on me at least, so feel free to spam my email.

You may or may not get drunken responses. ;^)

[x-posted around]
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Just so y'all know! [Apr. 13th, 2009|02:56 pm]

Finals start tomorrow, and I head out of town later this week. So I'll still be around (as I am a young man with no life), but I'll be even more preoccupied and stressed as usual. Just an FYI.

Now, time to go find a gun to eat in preparation for my Statistics final.
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To firefox owners... [Apr. 12th, 2009|12:36 pm]
and face it, who DOESN'T use firefox nowadays?

download this add-on.

it blocks all banner ads, ads in the form of images, those flashing blinky ones, etc.

this includes all the ads on insanejournal. ;D so you no longer need a paid account to be ad-free!

sometimes i love the world.
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[Apr. 10th, 2009|09:17 pm]
As most of you know, Kelsie (Church, Harry and Jalil) has flown in from CA here to Florida to stay from the 9th to the 20th with me and Chris (Ianto and Caboose). AM (Tonks, Delirum and Barney) will be joining us the 14th through the 17th, so there isn't a lot of chance that the four of us are going to be around A LOT for that time. AM will be here while she's not staying with Chris and I, and Kels, Chris and I will be here randomly, when we're not being complete fools. :D

So, we WILL BE HERE.. just, you know.. randomly.

When the xBox isn't eating our souls. ^^
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:D [Apr. 7th, 2009|10:37 pm]
If you've ever wondered how River dances:

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[Apr. 6th, 2009|01:54 pm]
[Current Mood |giggly]



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[Apr. 6th, 2009|10:50 am]
Dexy, might I trouble you for a thread with Rose and Nine? :) They could probably do with some talking, don't you think? I'd try to catch you on AIM but my connection is kind of whack at school, and unfortunately that's where I am for the next three hours. :D Thankie!
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[Apr. 3rd, 2009|05:37 pm]
Ugh. I'm sorry I've been slower than usual the past few days. I'm going on severe sleep deprivation right now which tends to happen when I'm in a show. The show closes on Sunday so I'll be back to normal and actually tagging at a decent pace once more. So sorry I've been slow I've just had a grand total of about 8 hours of sleep in the past two nights.

Lia's brain is mushy. And icon is also strangely appropriate too, isn't it?
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[Apr. 3rd, 2009|03:18 am]
Hello, everyone! Name's Lauren. Sorry for being so antisocial up until now, but life has been a bit of a madhouse and it's just starting to slow down for me, now that I have some time off from work. I've never been much of a talker online, but hopefully we can change that and cook up some decent threads, if any of you are so inclined. I've already introduced Ten (Doctor Who, of course!) to the gameā€”and unfortunately neglected the mass thread with the majority of Who players in Aternaville up until now. Promise I'll reply to you guy's once I get out of work late tomorrow night. Bear with me here, kids.

Ya'll can reach me on AIM at SN: chucks and specs and galiifrey. I might have an away message up, but give it a shot anyway, I'll get back to you soon enough.

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[Mar. 31st, 2009|09:27 pm]
Hey, quick question--

How would you guys feel about getting together randomly in a chatroom to talk threads and be idiots in?  There's a few people I want to thread with (I'm eyeing rose and the wicked witch!) but I'm not sure what should *happen* in said threads.  I'm sure there are others like that, too.

OH, and because it isn't listed anywhere my IM's taylorcreated.  :D
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[Mar. 30th, 2009|12:08 pm]
Tweak says, "No time for love, Mr. Jones."

Ianto is sad.  :(

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[Mar. 30th, 2009|08:01 am]
As Cornelius Fudge says at the end of the fifth movie: "HE'S BACK!"

But, you know, replace the 'he' with a 'she' and it totally goes with this scenario!

I'M BACK, BITCHES. I know, you didn't know I was going to be gone, right? Me either. But ALAS, I am here. And I am ready to get back into the groove of things!

Threads I know I'm currently involved in:

Mari's OOC Church/River

Anything I'm missing?

Threads I need to be in soon:

Some new Remus/Jalil (also need to post some FUN Jalil entries I have sitting around)
Some in game Church/River
We could do Church jumping in York's head, too...

That would be hectic. And fun. And Church needs to steal York's diary too.


OH and I noticed a lot of people I don't know. So. HI I'M KELS AND I PROMISE I'M NOT SCARY. My AIM is HeathensChurch, hollaaa! (at me).
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[Mar. 29th, 2009|08:48 am]
So! I've been missing for nine days.. but here I am! I've passed my Highway Patrol test (5:45! WOOOT, I'm a stud) and am awaiting their letter to tell me that I'm driving to Miami for a psych evaluation (blarg). And I'm not sure I want to go way to boot camp for six months and leave my cats and my new pet squirrel (YEAH I KNOW, RIGHT?) and my rats behind (Oh yeah.. and some people.. I think.. maybe? maybe not. ^.~). SO. I'll be applying at two more places around here, St. Petersburg Police, Pinellas County Sheriff's office, Hernado County Sheriff's office, Pinellas Park Police, and the Brooksville Police -- because none of those require me (that I know of) to stay in a barracks 500 miles from home. With no cats (and no internet). So, we'll see how that goes, wish me luck!

But as for RP things, here's what's going to happen:

I'm going to throw York into Mari's eagerly awaiting thread (I love you and want you to have my babies).
I'm going to throw York, Remus and Prewett into Ianto's very long thread of strange (woot!)
Then, I'm going to make open threads for York, Remus, Tex, Prewett and Nine. Yes. Nine.

Now, whoever gets to these threads first is the winner. :D If Church gets to Tex, then he's going to save the town from a horrible fate of someone actually having to speak to Tex -- because the Wicked Witch? ^.~ Aint' got nothin' on the Nasty Bitch. I actually think they'd get along quite well! Remus is a puddle of sweet, so anyone works with him.. York is a charming stud.. Yeah. No. Really. He and Jack should have a Dreamy Contest sometime, they could share the people they charm and give the left-overs to Barney. XD And Prew? Well. Prewett's just a nice guy all around. Mostly. He's kinda stuck up and snobby. Ahem.

BUT! Since we have some new people.. if you want to reply to this rant of goodness, please feel welcome! Let me know your AIM name so I can unblock you from mine (I'm FreelancerTexas) and we can chat. I'm really nice, I swear. ^.~

<3 Dex

So there it is. (PS: If you understand that icon, you ROCK)
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[Mar. 28th, 2009|04:57 pm]
I'm sure you guys have heard all the blahblah about earth hour and stuff.  Here's something else, something really easy to do:

They calculate your carbon output (mine's 6 tons/year o_o!!!) and offer a huge list of things you can do to lower it.  Stupid stuff like remembering that the caps on recyclable bottles aren't recyclable themselves and using cold water to wash your clothes and  putting a plastic bottle filled with water or stones or something in your toilet tank and stuff.  All sorts of tiny tiny things that take almost no effort to do, but seriously help save resources.

Yes, I'm an earth nerd.  XD  Sorry.
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Canon Puncturing? [Mar. 27th, 2009|08:35 am]

So, I was reading one of the threads last night, and I noticed a Wizard of Oz reference. Why is this worth nothing, do you ask? Well, if Jack quoted the 1939 film, he's aware of the existence of Elphaba (that is, the Witch), in fiction.

Also, think Doctor Who for a moment--Shakespeare Episode. There are a buncha references to Harry Potter, which hints that the Harry Potter books exist inside of the Torchwood/Doctor Who universe.

So, I figure that we can use this thread to determine what's fictional and what's not.

When it comes to Oz? The old Oz books and various versions of the Wizard of Oz can all exist. L. Frank Baum set himself up as the 'Royal Historian of Oz' or somesuch in real life, so we can just take that to be literal.

Plus, it'll be fun for Elphaba to have to have to live with that reputation.
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[Mar. 25th, 2009|12:38 pm]
so i know i've been slow lately, but i'm just letting you know i'm about to get slower.

school's been acting up and there are a lot of things i need to finish and study for and i can't for the life of me keep up !

i'll keep up with all the threads that i have going
otherwise i'll be a little absent for (i guess) the rest of the week?

anyway --

ping me at my AIM if you need me!

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truly OOC [Mar. 18th, 2009|08:41 pm]
i laughed for like an hour )
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