Jan. 21st, 2010


In the News

The FDA Approves Actemra for Rheumatoid Arthritis

research update at Arthritis Foundation website

foods to help ease the pain

Oct. 15th, 2009


Links To Share

American Chronic Pain Association


Nature's Pain Relievers a Prevention magazine article

Jul. 22nd, 2009


Better late than never

Jingle in July The link is to the main page of the arthritis foundation. They are hosting a fund raiser for juvenile arthritis.

Apr. 8th, 2009


I went wandering about the internet looking for things of interest.

alternative treatments for arthritis.

Prevention Magazine This is a nice place to look for info.

Arthritis Today This magazine website has a place to sign up for a free e-newsletter.

Mar. 25th, 2009


Would anyone like to take over maintainership of this community?

Feb. 5th, 2009



I just made a feed for ChronicBabe.com, [info]chronicbabefeed. From a write-up of the blog on Medscape.com:

"Jenni Prokowpy is a freelance writer who has first-hand experience living with chronic health issues. When she first started blogging, her goal was to shed light on life with chronic illness. Soon, her site became a reservoir of practical information as well as a source of empowerment for women living with chronic illness, and others became contributing writers as well."

May. 8th, 2008


Lyme Disease

I found out today that I have early stage Lyme disease, and have already begun treatment with doxycycline.

I thought I'd post some resources for Lyme disease if anyone is interested in learning more:

Apr. 22nd, 2008


Rest, motivation, and exercise

Help! I need some ideas about how to actually motivate myself to get out of bed just even an hour earlier so I can go to the gym before work. I've tried going to bed earlier, setting everything out I need the next morning and day the night before, etc., but lately it's been a serious case of DO NOT WANT.

Suggestions please?

Mar. 20th, 2008


Free Literature on Arthritis

The Arthritis Foundation has a number of free publications that can be ordered online. Up to two free selections can be made through the site every 30 days, and unfortunately free items can't be shipped overseas.

Jan. 5th, 2008



I don't have fibromyalgia personally, but some of my online friends do, and thought posting this might be helpful. Medscape just posted a CME (Continuing Medical Education) activity for physicians on fibromyalgia. You'll have to register to view it, but registration is free, and the activity is here. FYI, Medscape is owned by WebMD, and I often access it for work.

Dec. 26th, 2007


Arthritis and Exercise!

What are your thoughts on arthritis & exercise: a poll! )

Dec. 18th, 2007



Welcome to the creakiest joint on IJ! )

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