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We are very sorry for the current issues that are cropping up each night. The issue is we are getting overwhelmed with spam posts and don't have the funds to add the hardware needed to deal with it. We are doing what we can but it is a very difficult situation.

Please bear with us.
  • Is there any way to block the IP addresses used on those spam accounts? Or, alternately, move to an invite code sort of system until you figure out a more permanent solution? Some way of cutting them off.
  • Thanks for letting us know.

    Do you have an anti-spam team and is it open to new members? I have some experience spam-thwacking, and I'm sure there are any number of users who'd like to help.
  • Thanks for letting us know. 'Tis the season and all that; of course the spam's going to fly everywhere. Nothing to be done but get through it as best you can. I know it's got to be frustrating, but I firmly believe you'll beat it back by whatever means you can.
  • Thanks for the update!
  • Thanks. Maybe an extra captcha will help?
    • Captcha

      I could/would go for an extra captcha, as long as it actually works (glares at yahoogroups, where you can type the exact letters in in the right order and it still denies you most of the time.)

      I would be extra happy if the captchas are from the one program that helps others at the same time - and I'll have to google that program name. It's supposed to be helpful for a group that's training computers to recognize languages etc. for blind people and translating programs, as I recall.

  • yeah, once again i suggest turning off open account creation and requiring a code to make a journal. most of us have enough journals that if you gave existing journals a free code or two we'd be fine. i know that places that used to use codes would give free journals one after a week of being created and paid accounts would get more. you could even make an option to pay a few bucks for a code for those that don't have a code.
    • I second the few bucks for a code idea.

      I second the few bucks for a code idea. I am fairly quiet, and don't have many online friends who would or could send me a code.

      There needs to be an obvious disclaimer that payment for a code would get you a free level for an account, so it would be a one-time thing, but it would also be non-refundable for any reason. Maybe $5-$10 per code?

      • Re: I second the few bucks for a code idea.

        It wouldn't even need to be that high--any payment at all would stop the spammers from making new accounts, in general.
        • Re: I second the few bucks for a code idea.

          But if Squeaky goes with PayPal, which is what I'm assuming will be the case, isn't there a tipping point around the $5 which would actually make the amount worth the while? Doesn't PayPal take out a certain percentage or amount on Squeaky's end, for their use and expenses? I have no idea how much they take out anymore, nor have I used other systems to know how they work.

          I wouldn't charge any more than $5. However, it needs to be an amount that Squeaky isn't losing money.

          • Re: I second the few bucks for a code idea.

            Yes, the fee is $.30 + 2.9%. So, if the codes were $1, he would end up with around $.67 per transaction after the fees. That doesn't mean they should be only a dollar, because there's other costs to consider, like his time, or the chance of people trying to do a chargeback, or maybe using them to generate revenue for servers--but he wouldn't lose money to PayPal fees if the codes were $1.
      • There's also always the fact that in the past this system has allowed for the purchase of one month paid accounts at any time; why pay for an invite code when you can get a paid account for the same price?
        • Because as I'm understanding it....

          Because as I'm understanding it, and please correct me if I'm wrong, the invite code is to get in, and the paid account is if you're already in.

          I have a couple of free accounts, and for various reasons haven't gone with a paid one(s) yet. Personally I'd want a free account at first to feel my way around, and then go from there. If I want to stay, fine, I've spent $5 to get acquainted. I spend around that getting my weekly latte. If I don't want to stay, then IJ still has my $5 for equipment and upgrades, and maybe a box of aspirin for Squeaky, who has to deal with all the craziness :).

          For me, I would rather start at the bottom (free account) and go up, than on the second rung (paid account) and go down (to free account). But that's just me.

        • Compromise - could it work where the $5 for the code could be applied to a month's paid account?

          Compromise - could it work where the $5 for the code could be applied to a month's paid account?

          I know Dreamwidth has a points system where this can happen. Have heard about it, but not explored.

          Maybe put a time limit on it, for 2 months you can choose to upgrade to a paid account for one month for free, if you've paid for a code to get in. Doesn't mean you have to upgrade to stay, you can downsize and/or keep a free account, but this way Squeaky only has to keep track for 2 months, if he doesn't want to set up a points system.

      • Re: I second the few bucks for a code idea.

        or lower the cost of a one month paid account to $3 and that could be how you pay for the code and have it sent to your email. when you register it's a paid account. or $1-2 for a code alone.

        i just would love to see account creation controlled for even a few days or weeks so the spam stops, maybe they'll give up and leave the site alone
    • The other part of the problem is that the majority of active accounts (I think) are spam accounts. There will also need to be a spam brigade that has the powers to start cleaning up some of the mess.
      • Active accounts are ?

        A third thing to do is to get more non-spam active members to join. I have a Live Journal account, and I usually hear about people mirroring or going to Dreamwidth, but not many heading over to Insane Journal. I have links to both here and DW in my top sticky note on LJ.

        Insane Journal needs a street team :).

        I am also experimenting/dabbling with Plurk, and I have found some of those accounts are linking with Dreamwidth for their rpgs, etc. I'm not clear on several things about Plurk or rpging, but I would like to try. I need to finish a nice background on my Control (control_eq) and start attempting to play.


        • Re: Active accounts are ?

          That really isn't going to help the situation at all, unless more active accounts can feed volunteers into a workable spam fighting system. I think you are underestimating the spam problem, because the bulk of it doesn't effect your user experience, except in the drain of resources reducing service reliability described above. There is some comment spam, yes, but a WHOLE BUNCH of it is spammers who just set up a journal and post gibberish with links into it. Here, look at the stats page:

          When I loaded it a few minutes ago, 8/10 of the recently updated journals were SEO spam journals. 9/10 of the recently created journals are SEO spam journals. Load it again. 6/10 of the recently updated journals are SEO spam journals, 8/10 of the recently created journals are SEO spam journals. Load it again--new journals are the same list, but 10/10 of the recently posted are spam journals.

          This level of spam is a choking level of spam. It sucks up money for resources like a sponge. Buying more hardware doesn't even fix the problem, just delays it from becoming fatal.

          Looking at IJ's FB page, they're about to implement invite codes, which will go most of the way towards the problem. The other half is clearing out the spam accounts that already exist, and that will be a huge job.

          Disclosure: I'm a DW person that just likes to keep tabs on sister codebase sites, like LJ and IJ and whatnot. IJ is a site with a longer history than DW, and it has a bunch of people! It's very popular with RPers because you can have so many icons for free.
          • Re: Active accounts are ?

            Thanks firefoxfey. I hadn't thought about what you brought up. My computer training was in software, not hardware, and I don't think about the stat pages. Going to have to fairly soon, as I'm going to co-moderate a list starting in January, but that's neither here nor there.

            What can I do to help, then? Right now I am only working part time, so I have more free time that I can schedule better.

            I bookmarked the stat page into my morning checklist, so I can look at the journals in the updated journals lists. I know many of them will be spam.

            I must definitely be using the wrong searches now, because I don't come across many active journals or asylums. Maybe I shouldn't go just by how long it's been since a user posted? Because, for example, your last post in your journal shows to me as in March 18, 2008. You're obviously still here :).


            • Re: Active accounts are ?

              I think what you can do is definitely up to [info]squeaky! But offer him your services for spam fighting. Or maybe submit a support request to the support board offering help?

              The stats page is the easiest way I know, but if he could get this page to work again that would help too:


              Once you have a good grasp on the topics getting spammed, you can also google "insanejournal TOPIC". Example: "insanejournal cheap". It will bring up a bunch of links to spam blogs on IJ.

              You're going to either need the ability to suspend accounts, or the ability to give somebody a list for the accounts to be suspended.

              (I have the announcements journal of IJ in my RSS reader, so I know when a new post happens! But I don't really make posts here or anything--it's good for me to have an account around to test things and whatnot. Maybe I should make it a perm, help [info]squeaky out a bit.)
      • yeah there are still active spam accounts that you can't report, there needs to be an easy way to flag an account for spam so someone can investigate it and shut it down
  • How much do you need?

    Just trying to get a ballpark list/figure. If I can get in touch with a guy I used to work with, he might have a good suggestion or two on good places to get what you need relatively cheaply.

    I was hoping to get a permanent account before the end-of-year, but things happened, and it'll probably be at least mid-month January before I can think about it again.

    Thanks for keeping us updated - and Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays if you celebrate!

    PS. I haven't forgotten my other account, control_eq; it's not abandoned.

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    i wish there was a way to report all of these spam accounts. those are the most recently updated journals.
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