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PORN #1! FIC: "Girls' Night In" (NC-17, Buffy/Angel/Faith/Spike - Sequel to "Nooner"!) [Sep. 1st, 2007|03:12 pm]

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TITLE: Girls’ Night In
AUTHOR: Ducks, [info]theantijoss
PROMPT: 100moods 007. Aroused
DISCLAIMER: If they were mine, oh, so many things would be different. *sigh* But alas, they’re not. They belong to a lot of corporate entities that don’t love them nearly as much as the fans do. No infringement is intended, nor is any profit made from this porny little ditty.
RATING: NC-17 for language and sexual content (includes both M/M and F/F slash and group sex)
CHARACTERS/PAIRINGS: Faith/Buffy, Angel/Spike, Spike/Faith, Spike/Buffy/Faith, Angel/Spike/Buffy/Faith
TIMELINE/SPOILERS: Totally AU – no plot, no spoilers, no timeline. Absolutely no redeeming artistic or literary value whatsoever! Pure Porn!
SUMMARY: A chick flick. A vibrator. Some active voyeurism. Sort of sequel to “Nooner”.
DISTRIBUTION: Distribute freely, so long as you send me the address, and leave these tags intact.
FEEDBACK: `Tis the fuel for my fantasies. Okay, so, naked Angel is fuel for my fantasies, but I like feedback anyway. *G*
A/N: This story has been in the steam cooker for YEARS now, but I thought I would finally finish it in celebration of BRING BACK THE Pr0N DAY 2007! W00t! See if you can track the points of view. Shouldn't be too difficult.

This universe began back in 2001 -- Spike doesn't have a soul, Spuffy never happened, Angel is still Spike's Sire. That's all you really need to know.
DEDICATION: To all my favorite perverts over the years. You know who you are. ;)

All mistakes are mine -- my dirty betas are all gone to Dragon*con! *cries*

"Girls’ Night In"
by Ducks


("You know, to hear Spike tell it, our relationship is like a non-stop porno movie...")
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