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All Hallows Fic -- Perpetuity Clause: A Dream of Fear and Desire (Angel/Lindsey) VERY ADULTS ONLY! [Nov. 1st, 2007|12:01 pm]

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TITLE: Perpetuity Clause: A Dream of Fear and Desire
AUTHOR: Ducks, [info]theantijoss
DISCLAIMER: Wow, so not mine! If FOX decides to sue, there's certainly nothing I can do about it. But Joss said it was okay to slash his babies, so here I go!
WARNINGS: Bondage, Slashy Goodness, bloodplay, begging, first time, dub-con (or rather, dubious state of mind)
PAIRING(S): Angel/Lindsey
SYNOPSIS: Cat or Mouse. It's all the same when the Senior Partners are in charge of your eternity.
DISTRIBUTION: Please ask. Chances are good that I'll say yes. :)
AUTHOR'S NOTES: This began life as a request by obsessedmuch for the creep_fest ficathon, but it got canceled, so I decided to use it here! The requirements for that request are at the end.
FEEDBACK: Sure! Even if it's just to say "Guh." That's what porn is for! *G*
PROMPT(S): 100moods .076 Predatory, [info]getlaid25 .05 Angel/Lindsey, all_hallows_fic theme: Hunted

"Perpetuity Clause: A Dream of Fear and Desire"
by Ducks


In broken crypts where ghouls had slept
I saw how muttering devils sate
(Knowing the final grasp of Fate)
And told grim augeries, and wept.

-- George Sterling, "A Dream of Fear"

(Please follow the fake cut.)
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