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Saturday, December 21st, 2013

    Time Event
    Who: Narcissa Black and Hermione Granger
    What: Narcissa dos not need to have a babysitter to throw a ball.
    When: Thursday, October 12
    Where: Hermione's office, Ministry of Magic
    Rating: PG

    Narcissa wore a completely unamused face as she rode the elevator up to the office of one H. Granger. Really, all she wanted to do was give back to the community with a charity ball. The same thing she had been doing for the past decade it seemed. There wasn't really much else to do as Lucius Malfoy's wife ,other than be a socialite. So to think that she really needed a supervisor for this, as the ministry seemed to think, was preposterous. What's even more preposterous was that her supervisor was no older than her own son! She tried to keep it at that shallow level of meaning rather than think about the other reason why she didn't want to work with Hermione Granger.

    She remembers vividly how Bella tortured the poor girl. She wanted to stand up and stop her sister, do something to help the Gryffindor, but she was powerless and she had Draco to think of.Still, Narcissa knew that she had many regrets in life, but not doing something to save Hermione that day will always be one of the biggest.

    Sighing, Narcissa straightened up and put on her usual icy demeanor to intimidate anyone in her presence. Stepping off the elevator, on Hermione's floor, she made her way to Hermione's office. Once outside it, she did a once over on her outfit, a form fitting green robe, with grey linings that showed off a hint of leg and bright red lips to top off the refined look.

    Knocking on the door, Narcissa waited on an answer, knowing the younger woman was there.

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