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Thursday, December 12th, 2013

    Time Event
    Who: Spencer Fawcett and Alecto Carrow
    What: Spencer's second day as Professor Carrow's "assistant"
    When: Friday, September 17. 3pm
    Where: Professor Carrow's office
    Rating: NC-17

    The wait of an entire week had been almost intolerable to Alecto. She had seen Spencer Fawcett in class every single day and she thought of what they had done on her quarters every time she had seen her "assistant". It was hard to be cool, calm, collected, and professional when she saw the enticing, nubile girl. She had already become far more than a student to Alecto even if she would never confess those feelings aloud.

    She found that she was counting down each minute as the day progressed. She was short and snippy with students, she ignored most of her duties, she often had her thoughts drifting off to what would happen that afternoon; or, at least, what would happen if Spencer was a good, obedient assistant when she arrived back at Professor Carrow's classroom after classes were done for the day.

    Having decided that lecturing was right out for that day, Alecto had given each of her classes a short story by the Marquis de Sade and a writing assignment. Of course, Spencer had been the true reason for such a racy assignment. With her book was a slip of parchment.

    Miss Fawcett,

    I wish to remind you of your appointment with me after classes end for the day today. Be sure to bring all required items that will allow you to see to the duties I have previously assigned for today.

    Do not be late.

    Professor Carrow

    If someone saw the note, there was nothing incriminating but she was certain Spencer would know what he was referring to.

    When the day finally ended, Alecto sat at her desk. She skimmed the writing assignments for the day and waited for Spencer's arrival.

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