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Monday, September 30th, 2013

    Time Event
    Who: Heidi Macavoy and Tracey Davis
    What: Tracey needs to talk...among other her girlfriend.
    When: Wednesday, September 14
    Where: The broom closet near the Muggle Studies classroom.
    Rating: NC-17

    Tracey had been losing her mind for the last several hours. She could barely sit still as she tried to just make it to the end of class. She couldn't concentrate on what Professor Carrow was saying, not that she really wanted to, because her mind was hazy, her cheeks were flushed and she didn't even want to consider the state of her knickers!

    Luckily, Professor Carrow didn't seem to pay much attention to her or the other Slytherins. She acted like they were all in total agreement with what she was saying 100%. Sadly, Tracey suspected that was largely true. As for her, it was easier just to keep her head down and ignore Professor Carrow as she focused on the Ravenclaws that the Slytherins shared that class with.

    As Professor Carrow spent time speaking to Spencer Fawcett, Tracey let her mind drift for a few moments and was then startled by the class being dismissed. Running out of the class, her bag in a state of disarray, she ran to the nearby broom closet and ducked inside. Peering out from behind the door, Tracey waited for Heidi to walk by like she did every day.

    Spotting her, she tried to catch her eye. "Psst!" she hissed from between her lips and tried to wave Heidi over.

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