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Saturday, September 14th, 2013

    Time Event
    Who: Hermione Granger and Luna Lovegood
    What: Lavender and Fleur need some time before Gabrielle gets here. Gabrielle needs to talk to her big sis and Gabrielle decides she needs a Slytherin to play with...
    When: Sunday, May 27. Trio's 6th year.
    Where: The library, to start.
    Rating: NC-17
    Note: This thread takes place in the Tracey/Heidi AU storyline.

    Hermione Granger was at her wit's end. Things had taken a drastic turn on Friday; it was a turn so drastic that Hermione still couldn't really believe that it had happened! At least until she reached under her skirt to discover her problem was still there! It had been almost three days! If it was going to just go away on its own, it would have done so already. Right?

    There was one person to blame; Harry Potter.

    If it wasn't for his insufferable love of that stupid potions book, his protectiveness of it, his secret meetings with Professor Dumbledore, his secrets in general, this never would have happened! Hermione wouldn't have been in the Restricted Section every night. She wouldn't have been researching all sorts of strange things. She wouldn't have been examining dark artifacts.

    Hermione had no idea what had caused her...problem. Because of that, trying to find a solution had been impossible. She feared it might remain that way. Attending classes on Friday had been draining. She found herself thinking dirty thoughts no matter what she tried to concentrate on. Of course, when she did that, her problem was so much harder to hide under her school skirt.

    She was growing desperate for help but had no idea who to turn to. Harry and Ron? It would be a cold bloody day in hell. Ron would say something crass and clueless. Harry would get all flustered. It would be a nightmare.

    Ginny? No. Just no. The mere thought made Hermione want to die.

    Nurse Pomfrey? She was a professional and Hermione thought she might work. Though, then she would need to explain what she had been doing and why, especially because she had no idea what caused it. Was it a potion she was brewing? A combination of the five she had been brewing? A dark artifact? Without knowing, Hermione would need to list them all then she would need to explain why she had been doing it. No, she couldn't do that. Not yet, anyways.

    The same went for the rest of the staff.

    That left only one person. Spying the one person who might, might be able to help, Hermione steeled her resolve and walked over to the blonde Ravenclaw. "Hello, Luna," she greeted her, trying to keep her tone light and even. "How are you?"

    "I was might be able to help me with something," Hermione explained, though she really had no idea how she could go about asking what she needed.

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