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Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

    Time Event
    Who: Katie Bell and Lucilia d'Accord
    What: Could this be paradise?
    When: September 3, 1997. 7pm
    Where: Town square
    Rating: PG, for now.

    Katie wore a huge smile as she took in the sights and sounds of the busy Italian square. There was so much to see. It was amazing and wonderful; as long as she didn't think too hard about why she was there and what was going on at home. The days had been a blur of happy events and was a bit overwhelming.

    Katie was dressed somewhat uncharacteristically. Her hair was down and a little blonder from from Italy's summer sun. The hem of her long, light, colorful sundress swished just below her knees. Her shoulders were bare and her pale skin was finally starting to tan. Light sandals were strapped to her feet. She had no idea when she had ever dressed like that but she found that she kind of liked it after a little bit of getting used to it.

    Looking at a beautiful scarf, a young Italian man walked over to her. He gave her a dazzling smile and said in Italian, " What is such a pretty lady doing out here all alone?"

    Katie blinked. "Ummm...hi. Italian isn't very good yet."

    The Italian guy wasn't dissuaded. Reaching for Katie's hand, he raised it his lips and gave her knuckle a tiny kiss which caused Katie to turn three different shades of red. "Wait, I mean, that was nice might have the wrong idea."

    A bit frantically, she looked around for Lucy. Where had she gone? All flummoxed, she had forgotten what little Italian she had learned so far. "My girlfriend," Katie said pausing to see if he understood, "Is around here somewhere. She...speaking Italian, I really don't."

    In the meantime, the boy didn't seem to be getting the hint. He kept talking and stood very close to Katie. He was speaking so quickly she had no idea what he was saying even if Katie now totally understood what he was driving at!

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