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Sunday, June 23rd, 2013

    Time Event
    Who: Spencer Fawcett and Alecto Carrow
    What: Spencer's been summoned to Professor Carrow's office...
    When: Friday, September 3
    Where: Professor Carrow's office
    Rating: PG, for the moment...

    Spencer walked briskly down the quiet hall, back straight as her shoes knocked on the stone floor as she made her way to the new Muggle Studies professor's office. She had still yet to see the new Professor in action, but she was intimidating enough that Spencer knew already that she did not want to cross her by being late.

    She couldn't figure out why she had been summoned though. She had simple received an owl stating that she was to meet Professor Carrow in her office and to not delay. Upon reading it she had immediately set down the book she had been reading in her dorm and straightened out her school uniform before she left.

    She knew that this school year was going to be a hard one. Especially for people like her. Though she wasn't as bad off as some muggleborns - few of which she had seen come back to school this year - Spencer knew that if her gaurded secret - the fact that her mother was a muggle - got out, it would mean bad things. Not just for her, but for her whole family. She should have done what she had heard Hermione Granger and Katie Bell had done. Use a memory charm on her parents to hide them. But her father was too good of a wizard (a Ravenclaw himself) and would not fall for such tricks. Spencer smiled despite herself. She was her father's daughter. Ever clever and self-preserving and a true Ravenclaw, through and through.

    Pulling her skirt down slightly - the school skirt's length always seemed shorter on her than other girls, no doubt due to the long length of her legs. Adjusting her navy and gray tie, she drew in a deep breath before knocking on the door. "Professor Carrrow?" she called.

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