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Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

    Time Event
    Who: Heidi Macavoy and Tracey Davis, Megan Jones
    What: Train ride to Hogwarts to start their 7th year!
    When: Wednesday, September 1
    Where: Outside the Great Hall, Heidi's Dorm, Hufflepuff Common Room
    Rating: NC-17

    Tracey felt sick to her stomach. She felt guilty and afraid and disgusted. The speech that Snape had given left her feeling like there was no hope to be had even at Hogwarts. The school had always been a safe place. Now, it was anything but. What had she done? Heidi could have applied for some sort of dispensation to play Quidditch, she was sure. With her parents' influence, she likely would have even gotten it. Now, she was stuck at Hogwarts with her.

    With a sad expression, she glanced across the sea of students to try and find Heidi where she was exiting with her fellow Hufflepuffs. Even seeing her would make her feel better. That made her feel even more guilty that she was taking such strength from Heidi when it was clear she shouldn't be there.

    Plus, there was the matter of her father...

    Tracey hadn't really had anything to do with any Death Eaters, past or present. She knew so little about her father but she was of the firm belief that at the time of his death, he wasn't very popular, at minimum, with his fellow Death Eaters. How would they react to her now that so many of them were staff at the school?

    Just then, the Carrows walked by. Their presence made her skin crawl then she got...that look. It was like the loathed her. Tracey turned away and looked for Heidi. Spotting her, despite it all, a smile came to her face.

    She quickly fled her fellow Slytherins for the safety of the Hufflepuffs who had treated her like one of their own. As she stepped, a foot connected with her. Tripping, she went to the floor in a rather spectacular fashion.

    Around her, the Slytherins laughed and pointed and had more than a few disparaging words and slurs for her. A lump rose in her throat as she tried to get to her feet.

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