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December 1st, 2017

[info]digthewriter in [info]adventdrabbles

Shatterproof Plan, Part 1

Title: Shatterproof Plan, Part 1
Author: [personal profile] digthewriter
Pairing/Characters: Draco, Teddy (Eventual: Harry/Draco)
Word Count: ~465
Rating: PG-13 (this part)
Warning: EWE. Angst. Eventual HEA.
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters. This is for fun and not profit.
Author's Notes: Unbetaed. New story. General idea of what I'm doing. No clue what I'm doing.
Prompt: 1. Unusual Vacations for [livejournal.com profile] newyearcntdown. 2. kissing in the snow for [info]adventdrabbles 3. "Christmas Lights" for [livejournal.com profile] dracoharry100. 4. Picture prompt for [livejournal.com profile] slythindor100

[LJ / DW / IJ]

[info]unbroken_halo in [info]adventdrabbles

Dec 1, Harry Potter, Severus/Sirius, Starting Off Right

Title: Starting off Right
Fandom: Harry Potter
Author: [info]unbroken_halo
Pairing: Severus/Sirius
Rating: PG
Word Count: 500
Prompt: #1 Kissing in the snow
AN: Unbeta'd. Written for [info]adventdrabbles 2017; Day 1
Read on AO3, LJ, IJ, or DW

[info]sdk in [info]adventdrabbles

Title: Tradition
Author: [info]sdk
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing/Characters: Harry/Severus
Rating: G
Length/Word Count: 365 words
Warnings/Content: Fluffy, fluff, fluff.
Notes: Written for [info]alisanne and the [info]adventdrabbles prompt “Kissing in the Snow”.
Disclaimer: The following is based on fictional characters I don't own doing fictional things in a fictional world I did not create. No copyright infringement intended.

Summary: During his first winter living with Harry and his son, Severus learns one of their traditions.

Tradition (on DW)

[info]titti in [info]adventdrabbles

Dec 01, Harry Potter, James Sirius/Scorpius, First Kiss

Title: First Kiss
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: James Sirius/Scorpius
Rating: G
Prompt: Kissing In The Snow
Note: Written for Advent Drabbles 2017
Summary: Scorpius has a plan to get Jamie
Disclaimer: Harry Potter characters are the property of J.K. Rowling and Bloomsbury/Scholastic. No profit is being made, and no copyright infringement is intended.

Read on LJ/IJ/DW

[info]alisanne in [info]adventdrabbles

Dec01, Harry Potter, Severus/Harry, Just Right

Title: Just Right
Author: [info]alisanne
Pairing/Characters: Severus Snape/Harry Potter
Word Count: 300
Rating: PG
Challenge: Written for [info]adventdrabbles' prompt #1: Kissing in the snow.
Warning(s): None
Beta(s): [info]sevfan and emynn.
Disclaimer: The characters contained herein are not mine. No money is being made from this fiction, which is presented for entertainment purposes only.

Read Just Right on LJ/IJ/DW.

[info]alisanne in [info]adventdrabbles

Prompt 2, 2017

Our second prompt this year comes from [info]elfflame. Thank you, hon! xoxo

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And remember, we'll take prompt suggestions at any time, even up to the last day of December. Just poke us on IJ or on DW.

Great job so far, everyone, keep it up!

[info]enchanted_jae in [info]adventdrabbles

Day 01: Harry Potter, Harry/Draco, Parties for Hosting

Title: Parties for Hosting Continuation of my Yuletide verse
Author: [info]enchanted_jae
Character(s): Harry/Draco
Rating: PG
Warning(s): Madness
Word count: 320
Disclaimer: Characters are the property of JK Rowling, et al. This fic/drabble was written for fun, not for profit.
Written for:
[info]newyearcntdown New Year's Countdown Challenge
Jae's Advent Drabbles No. 1 - Snow kisses - [info]alafaye
AdventDrabbles No. 1 - Kissing in the snow
[info]dracoharry100 Christmas Challenge 2017 No. 1 - Boxing Day shopping
[info]slythindor100 25 Days of Draco and Harry Early Bird No. 1:
Summary: Harry sets another elaborate plot into motion.

Parties for Hosting

[info]lilyseyes in [info]adventdrabbles

Dec01, Harry Potter, Severus/Harry, Breathe Christmas 2017 - Part 1

Title: Breathe Christmas 2017 – Part 1
Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating : R
Author: [info]lilyseyes
Word Count: 100 x 7
Prompt: #1- Kissing in the Snow
Warnings: * past Mpreg*
Disclaimer: JKR owns the Potterverse – I just play in it. No money is made from these amateur works.
Summary:Glimpses life with the Potter-Snape family. Another in the Breathe Series

Breathe Christmas 2017 – Part 1

[info]alafaye in [info]adventdrabbles

Day 01, Fandom: Merlin, Pairing: Merlin/Arthur, Title: Holiday Time

Title: Holiday Time
Fandom: Merlin
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Rating: G
A/N: It's 11:45 pm on 12/1 where I am. I made it in time for the first prompt! (Kisses in the snow!)

Holiday_Time )