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December 18th, 2009

[info]ex_lilyseyes671 in [info]adventdrabbles

Dec 18, Harry Potter, HP, Magical Wishes

Fandom: Harry Potter
Rating :R
Pairing: Harry Potter
Author: [info]lilyseyes
Word Count: 300
Prompt: #18/Champagne
Warnings: *AU, Harry is 5 years old, implied child abuse/neglect – my take on Harry's childhood. P.S.: These will have a happy ending!*
Disclaimer: JKR owns the Potterverse – I just play in it. No money is made from these amateur works.
Summary:Left alone and hungry, Harry finds some magic in his wishes
Note: This drabble series was inspired by the fabulous art drawn by [info]oldenuf2nb of little Harry in his cupboard - Christmas under the Stairs.

Magical Wishes

[info]torino10154 in [info]adventdrabbles

Day 17 Summary Post

Here's a summary of the fics we got for day 17 of [info]adventdrabbles this year plus any from the previous days that didn't make it into the last summary. Do check them out and then give the authors some love. ♥ Remember you can also cross-post to LJ's adventdrabbles as well!

Harry Potter:
With Your Nose So Bright Harry by [info]lilyseyes
A Special Christmas Severus/Harry by [info]vividzephyr + drawble
Those Who Favor Fire Charlie/Draco by [info]celandineb
Clear as Mud Severus/Harry by [info]torino10154
Rest and Relaxation Severus/Harry by [info]alisanne
The Heavily Warded and Secret Diaries of Scorpius Malfoy, aged Eight and A Half: Day Four to Seven Gen by [info]shiv5468
The Santa Suit Harry/Draco, Teddy, Fitch & Abercrombie, Santa Claus by [info]enchanted_jae
Sleigh Ride Severus/Harry by [info]alisanne
Making Her Forget Severus/Hermione by [info]sweetmelodykiss
Velvet Severus, Rabastan by [info]janus

Let us know if there are any omissions or errors. Thanks!

[info]celandineb in [info]adventdrabbles

Dec18, Star Trek, Kirk/McCoy, Everything's All Right

Title: Everything's All Right
Fandom: Star Trek XI
Pairing: Kirk/McCoy
Rating: PG13
Note: For [info]inell, who wanted Kirk/McCoy, "boot."

Everything's All Right )

[info]sweetmelodykiss in [info]adventdrabbles

Toast to Life

Title: Toast to Life
Author: [info]sweetmelodykiss
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Past Severus/Lily Possible future Severus/Harry
Rating: PG
Warning: None
Word Count: 498
[info]adventdrabbles Prompt 18: Champagne
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters herein.

Toast to Life

[info]angela_snape in [info]adventdrabbles

Dec 11, HP, Pop! Goes the Cracker, continued

Title: Pop! Goes the Cracker, continued
Pairing: Severus/Bill
Rating: R
Word Count: 100
Prompt:Gingerbread House
A/N: written by [info]angela_snape for [info]adventdrabbles 2009. Follows Pop! Goes the Cracker

Pop! Goes the Cracker, continued

[info]alisanne in [info]adventdrabbles

Prompt 19 - 2009

Prompt nineteen comes from [info]celandineb!

      12 18 22      
    15 20 17 09 05    
  03 19 23 13 01 11 07  
04 16 21 08 02 24 10 14 06

In case you can't see the picture, the prompt is:
winter solstice.

And remember, you can cross post your drabbles/drawbles/ficlets on the LJ Adventdrabbles community.

[info]angela_snape in [info]adventdrabbles

dec12, HP, On a Wing and a Prayer

Title: On a Wing and a Prayer
Pairing: Severus/Bill
Rating: PG
Word Count: 100
Prompt:Sexy Angel
A/N: written by [info]angela_snape for [info]adventdrabbles 2009. Follows Pop! Goes the Cracker, part 2

On a Wing and a Prayer

[info]snapesgirl in [info]adventdrabbles

Dec 17/18: Harry Potter; Remus/Severus

Title: Making Memories
author: [info]snapesgirl
pairings: Remus/Severus
Word Count: 140

Disclaimer: They belong to JKR and co. I'm only borrowing them

conversation )

[info]enchanted_jae in [info]adventdrabbles

Dec 18, Harry Potter, Harry/Draco

Title: Christmas Breakfast in Bed
Author: [info]enchanted_jae
Characters: Harry/Draco
Rating: PG13
Warning(s): Suggestion
Word Count: 265
Written for the following:
♥ Jae's Advent Drabbles #18 - ice skating for [info]prettyhairs
[info]awdt Christmas Quickies #18 - Christmas breakfast
[info]dracoharry100 Christmas Challenge 2009 - fruitcake
[info]slythindor100 25 Days of Draco and Harry #18 - red and green pyjamas
[info]adventdrabbles - Prompt #18 - champagne
Summary: Harry has a good plan, but Draco proposes a better one.
Disclaimer: Characters are the property of JK Rowling, et al.

Christmas Breakfast in Bed

[info]alisanne in [info]adventdrabbles

Dec 18, Harry Potter, In the Library

Title: In the Library
Author: [info]alisanne
Rating: PG
Pairing: Severus Snape/Harry Potter
Summary: Hermione always looks out for her friends.
Word Count: 545
Genre: Erotica
Warnings: Voyeurism
A/N: Written for [info]adventdrabbles's prompt #18: Champagne. This is part 18 in my Sexy Kinks for Sexy Wizards series, the previous parts being: Sexy Kinks for Sexy Wizards Day 1 - Candles, Sexy Kinks for Sexy Wizards Day 2 - Plum Pudding, Inexplicably Bound, A Snog and a Cuddle, Tinsel Talk, Hot Buttered Harry, Stockings Stuffed With Care, Finding the Perfect Tree, Why Santa's Jolly, Important Research, A Hint of Ginger, On a Wing and a Prayer, Caretaker, Just Punishment, True Bond, Rest and Relaxation and Sleigh Ride.
Beta: [info]sevfan
Disclaimer: The characters contained herein are not mine. No money is being made from this fiction, which is presented for entertainment purposes only.

In the Library

[info]angela_snape in [info]adventdrabbles

dec13, HP, Party Time

Title: Party Time
Pairing: Severus/Bill
Rating: PG
Word Count: 100
Prompt:Christmas Party
A/N: written by [info]angela_snape for [info]adventdrabbles 2009. Follows On a Wing and a Prayer

Party Time

[info]venturous in [info]adventdrabbles

Title: Sweet Inspiration
Author: Venturous
Prompt 11: gingerbread house w icicle eaves
Pairing/characters: Remus, Severus.
Rating: G
: A sequel to The Storyteller


[info]janus in [info]adventdrabbles

Dec. 18, Harry Potter, Young Death Eaters, Champagne

December 18, 2009
Title: Champagne
Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing/Characters: Evan, Lucius, Narcissa, Rabastan, Regulus, Rodolphus, Severus
Rating: G
Words: 275
Prompt: Champagne.

Champagne )