December 3rd, 2008

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Game and sci-fi geekgirl.

Name:  Katie
Age:  33 going on 17?
Location:  Fairview Heights, IL (i.e. next to Saint Louis, MO NOT Chicago, IL)
What you miss about the "old days":  It seems like most console games are clones of each other, and most focus more on graphics and body count than anything resembling plot.  Remember Miner 2049'er?  Boulder Dash?  Love 'em.

I was looking at my friends page and realized that I need more people to chat with, so I figured I'd try my luck here. I identify as a polyamorous queer woman and met my main partner almost 4 years ago. I recently started dating a second partner who is about 10 days younger than I am, and hanging out with someone who remembers all the same stuff that I do seems kinda weird. But I kinda like it. Hence this entry.

My interests include: singing, anime, Firefly, science fiction, the Final Fantasy games, alternative rock, reading, early Stephen King, Fringe, and console gaming.  I do occasionally ramble, followed by days of silence while I'm living life. I have odd fandoms and like to make people think. I'm political without being preachy and believe in everyone's right to individuality. I like to contemplate why people do and say the things they do.  If you've gotten this far in the entry, you should probably friend me already!

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