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Holiday posting fail [Dec. 26th, 2009|01:19 pm]
Okay, now that the holidays are over, I should be able to post more. My son is home until the 4th, which means I will still be slow.

So, anybody want Kevin or Adam? *shoves her boys at the crowd*
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Newbie-alert [Dec. 2nd, 2009|08:47 pm]
[mood | cheerful]


I've been a roleplayer for years and years, but I'm new to this whole format of journal roleplaying so I'll probably be asking questions for a while. I've setup the journal for my character, Lizzie, at http://notsothinlizzie.insanejournal.com/ and I've created an AIM that I think should be daemoncandy@aim.com if I understand their system correctly, but I prefer Skype or MSN.

Question - I'm not certain how timelines work. I see that there's a thread with Adam and Ben having dinner. Can I start another thread that takes place a day or two later and tag for instance Adam, while people are still writing in the earlier thread?

Looking forward to playing with you and hope I'll get the hang of this soon. :-)
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Pimping the boys [Nov. 28th, 2009|01:33 pm]
Okay, now that my holiday rush is over until mid-December (no, I don't Christmas shop early. I don't need extra Christmas in my life. I'm a Christmas baby, I've had PLENTY of Christmas in my life period.), I need to get some threads going here.

Kevin here needs some action. I'm putting up an open like soon, but anybody specifically want the frat boy who turns into monsters? He's a lot of fun!

I already lined up a thread with Adam and Ben, but anybody else want or have a reason for them to be seeing the resident doctor? I'm open to all takers.

You can reach my via the usual methods. AIM: Laele25 email: diedreb@gmail.com I am on a lot and love to talk your ear off if you give me a chance. You have been warned. ;)
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Greetings all! [Nov. 25th, 2009|01:08 pm]

My name is Kris, and I'll be playing Tessa in XMI. I'll prooobably be picking someone else up too, we'll see about that in the near future.

I know I know a few of you already (especially you, Erin!), but I look forward to meeting the rest of you soon!

- Kris
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'sup? [Nov. 24th, 2009|10:58 pm]

So here's Heather again. I pretty much ditched my whole crew. Sorry.

This here is Ian FitzGibbon, former NYC cabbie and other things. His closest friends can call him Fitz if they want. He's used to it. He's not a hero and he's not on the team and he's not a teacher. He's in the glorious world of Maintenance. He likes to believe that he's the cog and wheel that keeps this dump running - not that he actually means the word dump. It's just an expression. He's a smoker and a drinker and loves the ladies. He makes a mean balloon hat.

He's pretty much on the island because JP "dragged" him along. Also, beaches. His pale ass needs a tan.

Catch me on AIM at NemesisKismet as per usual.
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[Nov. 22nd, 2009|10:33 am]
Hello. Just wanted to give you all a heads up on what few changes Rachel here has gone through. The only thing that has really changed is that she now has a Masters degree and will be teaching Music Theory & History of Music at the college level.

You can reach me for plot at xscarletkittie. Cheers!
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[Nov. 21st, 2009|10:59 pm]
Hey hey! Erin here, just giving an update on my characters.

Pete will be following pretty much where he left off, and I'm still very open to plotting with people about him. He, as always, can be found on this journal.

JP can now be found at [info]callmeconceited, and is now the Writing/Freshman English/Flight teacher at XMI. His information is available here if anyone is interested in plotting with him.

I'm also introducing two OCs, the first being Ben, the new Anthropology teacher. He can be found at [info]totheorigin. His info is here.

My second OC is Ro, a freshman originally hailing from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He can be found at [info]pathofruin with his info here.

If anyone would like to plot for any of these characters, poke me at Carpe Steakum!
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Updated [Nov. 21st, 2009|03:39 pm]
Here is Kevin all updated. He's a Freshman at XMU, and has never been to America before. He's very excited to be attending school abroad.

He also has a new PB.

Adam is also updated, but not much changed. He doesn't teach biology anymore. That's about it.
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[Nov. 17th, 2009|10:27 pm]
Grand Re-opening is November 23rd!
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[Nov. 12th, 2009|08:33 pm]
Hey all. Official Mod Post is Official.

If you would like to remain active and on the character list, please reply here or message me by Monday Nov. 16th. Otherwise I will consider your character inactive and remove them when I do final updates.

There have been some revisions to history, which are available in the timelines section.
A site map has been added to every major post.
All characters under 18+ should be aged up and enrolled at the University.
There is no longer a High School on campus.
We have a new ad!
We also have a new co-mod. Please welcome our own beloved Erin!

Questions and comments can be emailed to gmail at xmimods or you can aim me, you all have it.
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-Notice- [Nov. 7th, 2009|10:21 am]
Well, we've lost several players in the last few weeks and are down to about 4 active/semi-active. I've decided to make some alterations to the game and then do a soft-reset of XMI.

You're of course allowed to keep your characters and any backstory that has occurred between opening and reset. You're also allowed to alter your characters at this point if you feel you would prefer playing them in a slightly different manner.

Changes on the horizon -
The game will become 18+
The high school aspect will be removed.
Some minor changes for the outside world are planned.
more will be posted as soon as it's decided upon.

As always I do very much want your input. You all have my aim and are more than welcome to email xmimods at gmail.com too.
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Back, but dropping a character [Nov. 5th, 2009|06:03 pm]
I apologize for my recent suck. I have chronic basal type migraines and they flared up badly the last two weeks. So I haven't been on the ball with everything.

Unfortunately, my Sam muse has fled, so I am dropping him. We can have him transferred back east, due to the nature of his injuries.

I am trying to keep Kevin, but there's really not much for our young men to do but get into mischief. Anybody has any ideas, let me know.

Adam is staying for sure. Don't worry about that.


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random pup love [Nov. 2nd, 2009|08:06 pm]

Why this PB said Jamie to me... )

looking at the smirk on the icon and the one on the drawing, i'm beginning to suspect it's more than mere coincidence that i "recognized" Brandon's face and thought OMG Jamie!
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[Nov. 1st, 2009|01:05 am]
Ello ello, Erin here! I was wondering if anyone would be interested in potentially having their guys have some friendliness with Pete? He's in desperate need of guy friends, and I'm completely open to playing with peeps. Especially the ones I haven't had a chance to yet! :D

Poke me here or on aim to let me know! I'm up for pretty much anything.
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[Oct. 28th, 2009|03:31 am]
Hey guys. I've been kinda MIA lately but I want to get back into things and Ferris' birthday is coming up on Friday so I thought a good place to start would be a birthday party. He's turning 21 so it will probably be restricted to the older kids since there will no doubt be alcohol. We could easily say that he knows everyone on at least a casual level, even though I haven't RPed with all of you, so anyone who wants to come can be invited. Let me know if you're interested!

Edit: So Crys told me that she said Halloween stuff would be starting on the 30th so I guess I'll push his birthday back a week or so.
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[Oct. 23rd, 2009|12:22 am]

Hey lovelies,

Crys here. As some of you know, I'm going to be deleting Wicked soon as I'm having a hard time with her. I'm also bringing in Shadowcat. Eric approved her tonight so yay <3!
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[Oct. 21st, 2009|09:42 pm]

Hey there! Erin here, bringing in my second pup. JP/Northstar is a French-Canadian high school senior, fresh to XMI as his student visa was just approved. All of his information can be found here!

Poke me either here, or at Carpe Steakum on aim if you feel like plotting!
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Actually, I'm not absent [Oct. 17th, 2009|09:41 pm]
Just slow. In the interim few hours since I IMed Heather on my phone, I found a workaround until my new DSL modem (which they're not charging me to replace, even though my old one isn't under warrenty. Go Qwest!) comes. I have dial-up until then, so while I can post, I may be slow. Free dial-up is iffy at best.

But yay, internets!
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NOTE [Oct. 17th, 2009|10:11 pm]

Dee is going to be absent until Tuesday. Her modem has died and can only access the interwebs via the phone. SADNESS.
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[Oct. 6th, 2009|12:45 pm]
Hey guys,

Just letting you know that we'll be starting plot this weekend once Erin gets back. The plot post will be scheduled to occur when the threads end, that way it won't hold you guys up and keep you from continuing to play with each other, or writing your own plot.

Also, we're raising the character cap to 5, but no more than 3 of these can be canon.

At this point, we've gotten everyone in the game active except for our Wolverine. I'm going to remove him from the cast list but email the player to make sure that he knows he can reapply at any time.

Also, if you guys want anyone in the game specifically, let me know so I can add it to the wanted list. Whether it's Adam's Bubbeh, Illyana Rasputin, or Scarlet Witch it doesn't matter.
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