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[ Psychoshipping Via iconfiend100 @ lj ] [Sep. 20th, 2009|12:09 am]

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As of 2009, I believe I was removed; due to inactivity. I may or may not finish this set on my own.

[Artist]: [info]xindacons or [info]otakugyrl
[Pairing/Character: ]: Yami no Malik x Yami no Bakura (Psychoshipping)
[Theme(s)]: See "updated" part.
[# of icons in post]: Current Total:
[Credits]: Mostly Kokoro no Naka. Brushes and such, credited in user info.
[Warnings]: This is including a m/m couple. So warning of Shounen-ai is given. Thank you.



  • o7-00-o7 o48: Open Doors, o49: Lace, o5o: Forever and a Day, 11 Artist Choice's completed

  • o7-13-o7 Theme o22: Tickle, o25: Honourable, o28: Sensual, o33: Holiday, o37: Comfort, o38: Candy, o3o: Rainbow, o4o: Hand in Hand, o41: Spiritual, o43: Joy, o44: Heaven, o46: Silk, o47: Keeping a Secret completed -- Previous post here

  • 11-30-o5 Theme o10: Vacation, Theme o11: Hug, Theme o12: Smile, Theme o15: Sunshine, Theme o16: Winter, Theme o17: Innocence, Theme o19: Silence, Theme o2o: Stars, Theme o21: In The Moonlight, Theme o36: Misery Loves Company completed

  • 11-o8-o5 Theme oo1: Kiss, Theme oo2: Forgiveness, Theme oo4: Are You There?, Theme oo5: Loneliness, Theme oo6: Working, Theme oo9: A Misunderstanding, Theme o24: Blue, Theme o31: Take Your Time, Theme o45: 31 Flavours, Theme o32: Sugar & Spice, Theme o34: Beginner's Luck, Theme o35: Forgotten, completed.</small>

  • o8-20-o5 Theme oo3: Soft, Theme oo8: Abandoned, Theme o13: Tears, Theme o18: So Far Away, Theme o23: Sweet Dreams, Theme o26: Walls, Theme o27: Happiness, Theme o29: Food and Theme o42: Starving, completed.</small>

  • o5-14-o5 Theme o14: Rain, completed.</small>

  • o5-15-o5 Theme oo7: Dancing, completed.</small>


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* -ahem- Credit to [info]xindacons (previous journal [info]danicons)
* Enjoy ^_^

Come into my parlor, said the spider to the fly )
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[ Resources/Credit ] [Sep. 20th, 2009|12:07 am]


  • ___tomorrow (Misc Icon Textures)

  • _hakanaidreams (texture, grundge type + small text + borders )

  • adoralyna (some border and texture brushes and paper-texture brushes)

  • aino_hanako (dotted brushes)

  • alaskanicons (boxes/borders)

  • amethystia (small text/decorative brushes, fairytale text brushes)

  • amavel_bel (mixed brushes-texture-type)

  • anglesey (icon brushes - mask-type)

  • anon_chan (text area brushes)

  • carbon_paper ("Music Of the Night")

  • claudia6913 (boxes-iconlike)

  • coffeeebreak (grundge type)

  • consistently (various textures)

  • desiderio (Starry Textures + Box-Ish brushes)

  • depressionsgurl (circular boxes)

  • dilkerhtahai (some border-type brushes)

  • dj43 (puzzle brushes)

  • dreamydaydream (masks)

  • erendisblack (Sactuary lyric brushes)

  • fangirls_inc (decorative brushes/borders)

  • gender (textures)

  • graphicss (masks)

  • hexicons (texture brushes)

  • icon_maiden (boxed up/in)

  • the_iconism (faded boxes)

  • inside (swirls, frilly stuff)

  • jadedicons (Text-TinyText brushes)

  • jessiesquash (Blue Light Textures)

  • jeweledicecream (certain hearts/love styled...)

  • joyfulsong (Decorative brushes)

  • kalijean (pixel border-type)

  • kamino (splashes-type)

  • katebug48 (fire/smoke - styled...)

  • kissedpaper (mixed textures)

  • joyfulsong (splatter/grunge)

  • lady_corsair (blurred boxes )

  • laurasue (mask - charred remains brushes)

  • latexandleather (grunge masks)

  • linda_87 (icon borders)

  • luxbella (border-type)

  • luminicity (textures +)

  • luthien_black (flowery borders)

  • luxbrush (decorative)

  • meleada (splatters & smudge-type brushes "masks", grundge brushes, masking frames and borders)

  • merely_anger (some borders)

  • missymw88icons (some textures)

  • mrs_spock (spotty/bubble masks)

  • myrasis (light-textures)

  • mistressdm8 (Sin City)

  • nine_am (grunge/blood texture)

  • nobodysbusiness (music notes)

  • ohpaintbrush (hearts, stars and swirls)

  • paperdolldesign (some crooked borders)

  • phlourish_icons (mask brushes)

  • radon_ (border-box brushes & tiny text brushes)

  • risha666 (border fade-in brushes)

  • sanami276 (decorative masks and border-brushes - brushes)

  • september_icons (some border-type brushes)

  • soporifical (decorative)

  • sugarplumkitten (grunge border-brushes)

  • thezenphoenix (coloured textures)

  • tragic_icons (gothic & sexy boxes)

  • unmasked_icons (border-type-boxes)

  • tmg_icons [ Star/night textures]

  • weapon_icons [city lights]

  • wicked_avis [coloured textures/swirly texture]

  • wonderland__ (Scan Lines, lightening & flare textures)

  • Templates

    Celestial star

    Some Caps

    Most Yuugioh: Kokoro no Naka & German Caps - unknown name, sorry.
    Some Teen Titans from Titans Go

    [InuYasha ~ Movie 2]: batgirl_iii & death_ismygift
    [Wolf's Rain ~ Opening Song]: lyrebird
    [KH1/KH2/Other KH related]: setsuntamew & jenzdesignz & bravo_icons & mizugazipan & aoiryuu & joelzbutterfly & KH1 beginning "The Awakening" from merlin_emrys
    [Princess Mononoke & Some Wolfwood from Trigun]: undeadmiko
    [Some Spirited Away]: jacklemmon
    [Dresden Dolls ~ Coin Operated Boy]: more_than_us
    [Some Madonna]: naty_
    [BtVS ~ Vamp!Willow & Vamp!Xander]: dorksrock
    [BtVS ~ Singing!Spike]: zilly14
    [2 Jem! Caps]: castledracula
    [Some My Little Pony]: shizu_bara & crantz
    [Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Shakira, BtVS, Teen Titans]: perletwo
    [Romeo & Juliet and some Queen of the Damned]: deadbetty
    [Phantom of the Opera]: _mysteria_
    [Peter Pan]: xanimagusblackx & Fever Of Fate
    [The Little Mermaid]: Fever Of Fate
    [Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory]: adolwyn
    [Sailor Moon: Super S Movie]: darksong17
    [Hercules: Disney]: dj43
    [Hyde - L'Arc~en~ciel]: portion from ranaeressea
    [Incredibles]: thehotelcicero
    [Riku, Axel and Demyx from KH2]: some from ixaekt
    [W.I.T.C.H.]: most from whoresque
    [FFX]: cdg
    [YGO Capsule Monsters] iconicaly_hales
    [Ouran Host Club] (most by) sweetestmelody
    [Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Once More With Feeling]killerspork33

    From cap_it

    Some Pixelated Items/Blinkies

    here & here.
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