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Caroline Dhavernas - 60 icons [06 May 2013|09:54pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]

If by some chance you want to use these, please credit [info]sassylime or [info]xcons. Wow, it's been a long time since I've said that.

I don't really make icons anymore. I don't have the time -- or the program either, I think I need to sort out my legit-or-otherwise-copy-of-Windows deal before I can redownload Photoshop (wow, you'd think I wasn't gainfully employed)? But I made these a couple years ago, and am posting them now because I suddenly remembered that I'd made some... and when I went to investigate, there were more than I realized. Yay? I think I also didn't post them because [info]gimcrack had some of the same shots here. Well, there's really no such thing as too much Caroline, so here they are anyway.

(On a side note... who else hated Lily Brenner's relationship with the cocaine farmer guy? So sad this show didn't last, but since she's on Hannibal now and Back With Bryan Fuller, I suppose I'll forgive it. Even though I haven't watched Hannibal, because serial killers.)

Smile. Don't kill anyone. )

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