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Carrie-Anne Moss - 105 icons [14 Sep 2007|11:33am]

Credit [info]sassylime or [info]xcons.

These are all from Snow Cake. I haven't seen it, but apparently she sleeps with Snape. This is kind of disturbing to me, since I use her for Hestia Jones.

She might also work for Bellatrix if you had the right icons. These are not the right icons. )
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Megalyn Echikunwoke (long hair) - 160 icons [14 Sep 2007|11:34am]

Credit [info]sassylime or [info]xcons.

Megalyn is probably the most beautiful woman in the world. It's really not fair.

I'm using her for Angelina Johnson right now.

Smile, woman! SMILE. It won't hurt you, I promise. )
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