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Application [20 Jan 2008|12:04pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Character's Name (Real/Ring):
Journal Name:
AIM Name:
Have You Read The Rules?
Do you understand you can be rejected?

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Taken, Wanted, Held [20 Jan 2008|06:29am]

[ mood | amused ]

John Cena: ChaingangJohn54
Chris Jericho/Chris Irvine: Chris2ndComing
Torrie Wilson: wilson gets wild
Candice Michell: playful candice
Ashley Massaro: mizassaro ashley
Brooke Adams: brookeagogo

Anyone in WWE, TNA, ROH, SHIMMER, or any other independent circuit

Paul Levesque/Triple H-Perment Hold
Lilian Garcia-Permenit Hold
Adam Copeland/Edge-perment hold
Stacy Keibler
cody runnels




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The Rules [20 Jan 2008|01:17am]

[ mood | awake ]

It's not what it looks like: This community was made solely on the basis of fun and make believe, and the storylines/relationships.I digress; you must place the standard disclaimer in your character's user info before applying. It's that simple.

You can be anyone from WWE, TNA, ROH, SHIMMER, or any other independent circuit. The only people you cannot be are dead wrestlers, and non-wrestling celebrities.

Storyline respect: This is necessary. Say you join as Gail Kim, and she wants a piece of Matt Striker but Matt is already in a relationship with another character; Gail has to respect that and move on. Similarly, if Ric Flair decides to join and he has a pre-existing storyline with Kevin Nash, he has to go with it. If you don’t want to go ahead with any pre-existing lines, the best you can do is talk to the writer. The moderator won't get involved.

No half-assing: If your history with gaming/role playing consists of rarely ever replying with anything over one word (be it in AIM or comments), don’t bother applying. There is a reason I'm asking for a writing example in the application form. I want to know that the writers who have interest in joining the game are willing to put their best foot forward when it comes to the time they spend developing their "critter" in the game. Please, I am begging you, put effort in each comment and every post you make. It'll make the game much more interesting.

Journal updates will be done every eight weeks: Yes, I decided that it would be best for the time in between updates should be lengthened, so everybody can manage to write up a good update without feeling rushed to write anything up. By the way, one-liners, birthday posts, my space videos and lyrics are just fine, but they will not be taken into consideration as an actual update since it's not your own work.

You need to have an AIM screen name in place before applying: However, you are no obligation to actually use it if AIM isn’t your thing. Just be active in comments and journals. Also, your AIM activity (or lack thereof) will not gain or lose you any points in the activity department. It's a preference.

Know your character: Fan sites, Google and especially interviews are a great to get to know whom you are playing better. Please also try to display the proper personality of your character to the best possible perfection. I realize that nobody can be exactly like a certain character, but here is a tip that goes a long when you think about it: react the way your character would, not how you would.

Activity: I also realize that everyone has the opportunity to be online all the time, but if you can only make sporadic appearances and leave comments unanswered, you will get somewhat of a warning. We are here to develop storylines, not hog characters. Keep that in mind.

Love, love: Don’t rush into your storyline. I won't place a limit on the time characters need before getting married or whatever, but please make use of logic. Love does happen in a day, not in two, sometimes, it can take years. Don’t forget that.

So. The. Drama: In character? Fun; if well-written. I will not stand for eight characters ganging up on one or anything like that. Out of character drama? So not fun, and if taken too far, will get you banned from wwefantasy. Please don’t hesitate in bringing any problems with members to me, even if it's something I may have done. I'll do my best to help.

Babies & Drugs: For the time being, the community bans the use of babies and sensitive issues such as drug use. This is only temporary, as we want to get the game off with no hitches, and the ban will mostly be removed and changed in the months to come. I apologize for the inconvenience.

The following is not allowed: Incest, male pregnancies and random bed hopping and/or threesomes. This isn’t Melrose Place, so steer clear of the latter. Nothing pisses me off more.

Character limit/age limit: There is currently no age limit (we would have no real way of knowing what your real age is anyway). And, as far as character limits go, I'm using good faith and asking you to only apply for a maximum of two characters. They must not be romantically linked.

credit for rules: [info]beyondkayfabe, [info]bxk_mods

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