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    Wednesday, August 29th, 2007
    6:56 pm
    Hello there!

    I am Physalis, 21, an engaged lesbian European literature student, and a WoW n00b who's only just started playing WoW in an attempt to understand the game which has eaten my brother. Well, and because the graphics are pretty. But it's mostly my brother. Coming from the cruel world of forum based Harry Potter RPG I do understand the addiction of games in general, but with him it reached an extent that was frightening. Well, frightening me. For a year he has been completely unavailable all day as soon as he returned from school, until he went to bed. His marks were in danger, our parents worried, and I am trying to understand my teenage brother by playing the game myself. The fact that I could not understand him anymore bothered me.

    I think I can understand his addiction much better now, I am thrilled to be able to actually understand what he is talking about, and I am frequently spamming my friends list's attention span with boring post about my painfully slow progress as a Draenei warrior. I thought that was going to be the easiest class, I am told that it is not. As a newb I haven't even dared to attempt PvP yet, as I am still in my very early stages (so, mods, feel free to delete this post if it's too OT), but I think I'll give it a go soon.

    Yeah. As an RPG veteran I was actually looking forward to doing some RPGing as well, as I feel that's much more my thing than slaying monsters, but once I read up on my chosen race I noticed that they don't seem to be the best choice if you want to RPG, the backstory does not really make sense. Also, the hostile reactions RPGers receive on my server are also not too encouraging, but maybe I'll have to get used to that.

    So, I am still finding my way around and I am looking forward to getting to know you and reading about what more experienced players have to say.

    Current Mood: cheerful
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