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WATCHING THE WORLD CUP AT WORK: A GUIDE. [16th Jun. 2014  •  13:08]

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Hi friends! I'm so sorry I haven't been a good moderator in welcoming you into the bosom of Soccer Christmas, so here is my official greeting: HELLO, WELCOME, AND HAPPY SOCCER CHRISTMAS!! Right now, GERvsPOR is giving me life. Condolences to those on Team Portugal.

That said, I think that the demographics of our friends here at [info]worldjockstrap have changed considerably in 2010 – that is to say, I think we've shifted from a largely university student demographic to that of young professionals who, rather than being able to enjoy long stretches of lazy summer afternoons curled up with a generously-bequeathed ESPN3 stream and a roaring game chat, are now cooped up in cubes and offices with no messenger in sight. How has this demo shift changed how we've watched the game? I can't speak for your experience (but please, tell us in comments), but I can tell you how mine's been going, as well as what parts are awesome and what needs to improve.
  • TWITTER: I cannot tell you how instrumental Twitter is to my 2014 WC experience!! Granted okay, Twitter is also instrumental to my life experience, but Twitter has also done some really cool things to enhance the WC experience, such as integrate score-keeping into both the app and web interface. More to the point, you can follow #worldcuphairwatch and get good solid commentary in real time, which might be important considering...
  • UNIVISION: ... if you're a cable-less poor American like me, Univision is the only free stream available that doesn't involve doing some sketchy legal shit that your IT department will probably stink-eye you for or something. (If you have ESPN and can sign in OR are lucky to live in countries other than the USA: ignore this!) Downside if you're not fluent in Spanish: obvious. Upside: you have Twitter to translate for you, the charming cry of GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL in your ears, and tiny markers for each goal and red/yellow card if you turn on a certain button. Sometimes, it's the small things. IMPORTANT, HOWEVER: after the Group Stages and they're not airing "gratis," as they say, so we might need to get creative after 2 July.
  • ESPN RADIO: Paranoid you'll get fired if you're watching? ESPN Radio has a dece stream going of announcers outlining the action. It's not perfect (READ: I would literally give anything to listen to ANY OTHER STATION), but it's okay. If you live in the UK and aren't taking advantage of BBC Radio's coverage, I'm judging you so hard right now it's stupid. Similarly, I'm hoping that our international brothers and sisters have better avenues available to them.
  • SB NATION (OR YOUR SPORT E-MAG OF CHOICE): ngl: I adore SB Nation for its wit, candor, beauty, and unabashed catering to the concept of fan culture. I also love SB Nation because they have great interactive coverage for every match. Any decent outlet has a decent play-by-play (hell, even FIFA does), but I really enjoy the people and tone behind SB Nation. But look out there for your outlet of choice – the BBC's is gorgeous, for instance – and you'll probably find something stellar.

How do you accommodate a busy schedule with the Great Global Footy Festival? Natter down in comments! Bonus if you also have great apps to share, because I'm all about that life for real.

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Hello, soccer fans! Please arise from the deep like the eldrich terrors we are. [19th Jan. 2014  •  13:38]

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A gentle reminder that a) this community still exists and b) I've started tidying up the community/making it more updated for the upcoming game in the 2014 season. (Oh man, I remember the days when I actually promised to be in Brazil this year, like I had the money or something for that kind of shit. THOSE WERE THE HALCYON DAYS.)

Anyway, I know we've been quiet for a bit, but watch this space! Also, if anyone can help me compile some new tags for the 2014 competitors, embarrassing photographs from the Brazil draw for iconning, and general ideas about how to have fun with this community while we wait for the kick-off in a few months, that'd be great.

(Oh, and ways to watch it since ESPN3 changed the way they show this shit, FUCK YOU ESPN!!!)
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