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Hey Jess...

Jim aka Cowboy [userpic]

Huhn. About damn time. I've got work to do.

Pulse [userpic]

Here, again?

This can't be good...

Damien Thorn [userpic]

Today is my birthday. Anybody want to help me celebrate it?

Things have been far too quiet here. Cleo, my love, I am bored. That is never good.

I like winter much better with fur.

Assiah Beta [OC SHIELD] [userpic]

Daaa nana naaah nananah-nah-na-nah-nah!

I freaking love SWAT. Totally having an action movie slick. All the balsawood and explosions you can stand, bring the popcorn.


I think I need to take a leave of absence.

The Cheshire Cat [Carroll] [userpic]


If someone happens upon a sense of gravity, I consternly admit it be my possession and I shall collected from you at my easiest convenience.

Now, crossing the street with a center of gravity. This is be interesting...

Assiah Beta [OC SHIELD] [userpic]


I know the sign of a good New Year's party is waking up in someone else's clothes but it's still really unnerving.

And I'm certain he doesn't wear this style....

I am hosting a New Year's eve celebration at all of my clubs. Everyone is invited.



Caesar, my love...

The new one? I want to carve open his chest and suck the blood from his heart. He's pretty.

Current Mood: creative creative

And here I was hoping to avoid any colds or the flu.

Christopher Pike [userpic]

This is strange. I feel like I'm on Talos again.

Current Mood: confused confused
Ana Harding [userpic]

Nobody seems to recognize me.

I think I'm gonna like it here. Wherever I am.

Anakin Skywalker (SW) [userpic]

Packs of Breathe-Right strips.

Really, you all are bottomless wells of wit.

John Sheppard [userpic]
Last minute, I know, but...

Hattie and I were discussing pants things and the suggestion of having everyone over for dinner at some point in the near future came up; I suggested possibly for Christmas and she said she'd love to do a Christmas dinner thing.

So...dinner at my place Christmas Eve, y/y?

We can make it pot-luck so no one person is shouldered with the task of cooking for everyone? Let me know what you plan to bring so I can make a list and/or recruit folks for specific things.

It will, at the very least, give me a chance to show some of you the plans for the epic estate I still haven't finalized yet.

Current Mood: curious curious
Kitt [userpic]

Miss Hattie, what is your desire for Christmas?


It's going to be a good Christmas this year.

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