Saturday, February 2nd, 2013

Tired of Waiting

While everything was happening around them, Corinna was working a lot with Sheska, showing her the ins and outs of computers, starting with simple stuff, but quickly working at a much higher level, since Sheska was quick to catch on. Damn it, pretty soon, she'd be working with her on stuff she herself was working with. But, something kept bugging her. She felt like she was caught in a whirlwind, and she was only watching everything happen. It didn't sit well with her that the fate of the world was very likely on the line, and she was relegated to barely being on the sidelines, much more like a spectator then anything. She had come along to help, but she was just a wallflower, for as much input as she had. Everyone already knew what was going on, and she was just unimportant enough that it made her feel like, well, a child.

Finally, she made up her mind, and approached Morkoth after he had spoken with Anna and Brian, all these things weighing heavily on her thoughts. "Excuse me...I'm the one who came with Winry and Sheska. You seem to be...the one in charge, right?"
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