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Where are they now?: S.H.I.E.L.D. [24 Jun 2012|08:07pm]
DATE: Tuesday, March 30, 2027
LOCATION: S.H.I.E.L.D. Headquarters Helicarrier


Nick Fury looked over at his longtime adjutant. "Yes, Agent Hill?"

"We're getting some interesting reports out of Omaha."

"Define interesting."

"Our team stationed at Offutt is reporting a massive surge in energy from the temporal hellmouth."

He stared at her. "What kind of a massive surge in energy?"

"They don't know. They called in Selvig and he's not able to contribute anything to their theories."

"Have they contacted the Corsican base?"

"Yes, sir. The information's the same. They're not sure either. They called in a tech team to verify that it wasn't the equipment malfunctioning. Selvig theorizes that based off our people's data and that bit of information, the energy signatures are off the charts and well out of standard range."

He stared at her for another moment. "That's not good enough, Agent Hill. Find out more, and I want that information yesterday. If this is Loki or someone else, I want to know about it, preferably before it happens this time."

"Yes, sir," Hill replied, and turned back to the computer system to attempt to track down the information Nick Fury wanted.

Where are they now?: Lachance [24 Jun 2012|09:35pm]
DATE: Tuesday, March 30, 2027
LOCATION: Colorado Springs, CO.

It was another normal Tuesday for her. She was just getting dressed for work, when her phone went off. She didn't bother checking the caller ID. "Yeah, yeah. What do ya want?"

"Nice way to greet your mother, Corinna." Came a voice from the other end.

"Hi mom. Sorry, figured it was my boss or something." She said, hopping on one foot over to the other side of her room, trying to find the missing sock.

"Tsk! You'd speak to your boss that way? I'm shocked." Disapproval dripped from her voice.

"Really? You're surprised by this? C'mon mom, don't make me laugh." She flopped down, finding the rogue foot cover.

"Not at all. Anyway, I was calling just to remind you to be home tomorrow around eight, for the dinner." She laughed

Corinna leaned over, fighting to put her shoes on. "Ah, yeah. Right. I'll be there on time, as always."

"Nine thirty, young lady, is not on time."

"Gosh, you're such a mom! It was one time!"

"Well, anyway, I'll let you go since I suppose your busy. careful okay? I have a bad feeling." The voice on the other end hesitated.

"Relax mom. Nothing's going to happen, and no one knows about my hair, okay? Trust me. Not a soul. Anyway, catch ya later!" She said, hanging up before getting a response. She flopped back on her bed for a moment, sighing up at the ceiling. "Really, nothing exciting ever happens around her. I guess that's fine, but....just once, I'd like to be a part of something. Oh well."

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