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I actually remember a few modern canons I play from! [Aug. 21st, 2014|07:37 pm]
+ If we go with the registration plot, it occurs to me that The Super Patriots Inc. from the Velveteen Vs. short story series* might work as an antagonist. (Basically, a corporation that is a combination of talent agency and coordinator for superhero teams... (spoilers) that it turns out the founding member (who faked her death so she could fade into Mysterious CEO) is using mind control to keep everyone in line and lots of cash to lobby for laws that keep a near-monopoly in her universe. She'd be interested in anything that makes it harder for folks with powers to live anonymously and/or work independently). (Also, yay, getting to play an antagonist! Probably a few protagonists too.)

+ Also toying with asking about meshing in Shadow Unit (another online canon, basically 'X-Files' meets 'X-men' meets 'Criminal Minds'), but I'd have to figure out how the US handles crimes committed by folks with superpowers. (Since you add SHIELD plus the mix of official, unofficial and illegal vigilantes to the existing US police, military and legal system.) I haven't played from Shadow Unit yet, but I wrote fic. (It involved Seward, Nebraska; given that the team canonically visited UNO's campus, I don't think it's a stretch.)

+ (Also remind me to drag you all to Guardians of the Galaxy.)

+ Why are all my modern canons that aren't urban fantasy online? I don't read that many online serials.

* Which is all still online, for free.
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Interesting trivia! [May. 4th, 2014|01:14 am]
Maria Hill is from Chicago, just like a certain wizard.

(Wikipedia has a listing of Fictional Characters from Chicago, because of course it does.)
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Isa's Application for Argos. [Jun. 26th, 2012|12:25 am]
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