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August 8th, 2010

[Aug. 8th, 2010|01:48 am]
Hello all!

I'm back from my hiatus and vacation! It was fantastic, and for those of you that wanted to see pictures, I'm still sifting through the (literal) 900 I took to pick out the ones worth keeping. xD While I was gone, I was struck by another lovely little muse in the form of Natalie Midgen (nee White.)

She's a muggleborn from New Zealand, and was in the house equivalent to Ravenclaw at Tasman Heights Academy there. Nat was relatively unaffected by the war, so it should be expected that she doesn't really know all the details. She's 28 years old, a well practiced Magizoologist (known for her papers on Hippogryffs and Nundu's in particular), and she's been married for two weeks to Jackson Midgen and is still on her honeymoon! Nat's life revolves around animals and Jack for the most part. She's a bit shy, but really quite fun once she loosens up. She moved to London in the spring (the first time she'd ever been to England), and because she's spent most of her free time wedding planning, she hasn't gotten out much or met many people. She knows Jackson, Eloise, and anyone that might have been introduced to her by them, unless she's met a few random people in her travels about the world!

Her favorite animals are typically incredibly dangerous, she prattles on about magizoology quite often, her family owns a winery so she's got a very good sense about her when it comes to wines, she has a hand-written leather bound book of illustrations and information about animals that she started eleven years ago, she's a vegetarian and rescues animals whenever possible, she speaks several languages, she's probably one of the most patient persons in existence, and she likes rugby better than Quidditch.

So, she needs all kinds of plot, people! :) She's particularly interested in people who are avid animal lovers (hello, Rolf?! If she doesn't know you, she wants to!) and just nice people in general. She's not fantastic at first impressions, but she'll try!

♥ Terri
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