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March 7th, 2010

Game in Review: January 8 – February 21 [Mar. 7th, 2010|08:38 pm]
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Obviously, with the slow down and with Real Life and hiatuses seeming to eat everyone this last month, even and especially the mods, the Game in Review is really far behind. Here is the summary for the time that was missed. The last two weeks are missing, and will be posted soon, since I still have access to all of those entries on the flist and can make a more comprehensive review of those. At least this does list all the important news posts, and all of the threads. If you have any particularly awesome posts in your character journal you wanted mentioned here, go ahead and link them in comments!

Hopefully, this will go back to being a regularly biweekly event!

I want to thank all of you for putting up with the recent lag. Things are getting back on track now, and you are all awesome to have stuck it out with us! We love you!

&hearts Your Mods

Game in Review: January 8 – February 21 )
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