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July 23rd, 2010

[Jul. 23rd, 2010|01:10 am]
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Who: Oliver and Meghan
What: Getting checked out by the Mediwitches in the first aid tent. And a surprise!
Where: Caerphilly Pitch
When: Yesterday after the Scotland/Australia match
Rating/Status: TBA? And Incomplete. Also, I'm going to start this here, but the log might be done through email if it's easier on both of us?

"Ugh," Oliver groaned as he laid on the bed that the first aid tents had set up for injured players. It had been a rough match. The Australian beaters saw a flaw in their plan to win by the name of Oliver Wood, so they're way to solve it was to purposely aim the bludgers at him. The first missed, but the second took him out, sending him to the ground and onto his head.

Now, this wasn't the first time Oliver landed on his head. Nor was it the worst by any means. But knowing he had to be taken out of the game for it is what hurt the most. He had full confidence in Meghan, but she still wasn't a hundred percent. And that worried him. Not only as a teammate, but as his girlfriend.

She did fine at first, but before he knew it, he watched the vomit fly. Something was wrong, and Meghan knew it too as she looked at their coach, who promptly put Oliver back in.

Now sporting one hell of a headache, Oliver was off his game. Goals were being scored left and right. Thankfully Iwelumo caught the snitch before things got worse.

So there Oliver laid, some potions already taken but his head still pounding. "Those wankers got a game suspension, right?" Oliver asked to whoever was listening.
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Daily Prophet: 23 July, 2003 [Jul. 23rd, 2010|08:31 pm]
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Scots Squeak By
Erastus Saint

This years Quidditch World Cup has definitely proved to be an interesting one. The first tie (that anyone can remember) in Quidditch History, suspensions from fighting, and now injuries are amongst the action that fans have seen thus far.

In the much anticipated match between Australia and Scotland, it looked like the Scots had the upper hand on the Aussies, scoring three quick goals. That was until Aussie beaters Cassie Wontareegopowow and Luke Minnows took matters into their own hands, aiming both of their bludgers at Scottish keeper Oliver Wood. While the first missed, the second sent Wood pumelting to the ground, landing on his head. The keeper did walk away on his own free will, and the Scots sent in reserve and Portree keeper Meghan McCormack.

McCormack held her own as well, but it wasn't long that she too was plagued by injury. Or sickness. Around the 50th minute into the match, McCormack became violently ill, forcing her to leave the pitch. With no other keeper reserves, Wood was forced back out into the trenches. It didn't take long for the Aussies to start scoring goals left and right, Wood obviously off his game from the head injury. Thankfully for the Scots, seeker Kris Iwelumo caught the snitch just seconds before Josip Rwanda could get his Aussie fingers around it, ending in a Scottish victory of 190-180.

While we weren't allowed to enter the first aid tents, mediwitches told The Prophet that Wood has a concussion but will be good to go for the next match. McCormack, however, they didn't have much of an answer for, other than a stomach illness. However, thanks to the journaling system, we have learned that McCormack has been battling the flu for the past week or two. We wish both a speedy recovery.

The two Australia beaters have been suspended for their next match.

Quidditch Q & A
Stenton Fenley

With big successes and history made by our National Teams in last week's first preliminary Quidditch World Cup games, we at The Daily Prophet began a new daily column; a quick question and answer session, new each day, with a member of one of our national teams. Today's interview is with one of the youngest players, Ginny Weasley of Holyhead and the English Team reserves! Read on for her answers.

Miss Weasley, first we'll start with something simple. What's your middle name?
Molly. After my mum. It's not too bad, better than my first name.

What's your favourite colour?
Hmm... I think I'd have to say my favourite colour is green. It looks great with my hair.

Favourite food?
As for food, my mum is an amazing cook, so pretty much anything she makes I love. She does this delicious beef stew that's the perfect thing after an autumn day of Quidditch. Although, my girlfriend's chicken soup can almost rival Mum's, which is saying something.

Favourite shop?
My favourite shop? I'd have to say either the WWW or Lucky Bakery. And not just cos I get free stuff from there.

Tell us something about you not everyone knows?
I'm madly in love with Sam Capper. Oh wait, everyone knows that. *

What's your family like?
Pretty much amazing. They're fun and wonderful and completely mad, but they're so supportive. I know that a lot of people have problems telling their families things, but I never did. They accept and support me completely, no matter what I do. It gave me a lot of courage to go out and try new things because I knew that they'd always be there for me.

What do you love about Quidditch?
I first started playing Quidditch so my brothers would let me play with them. That didn't work so well, I was always too young or too girly to play with them. But I just loved it. All of it. Flying, being so far away from everyone else, and then when I got to Hogwarts, the thrill of hearing everyone cheering for me. I just love all of it.

How did you feel, knowing you'd made the National Team?
Proud, happy. A little surreal, because it's such a big thing.

Which international teams do you think will do well, other than the UK teams?
Other teams? England's obviously going to win, I mean I'm on the team.

Do you have anything to say to your fans?
Thanks for realising I'm brilliant!

Pick up your copy of the Daily Prophet tomorrow for a new interview with a National team player, brought to you every day during the Quidditch World Cup!

* Miss Weasley has requested that we also mention that in the weeks since the interview she has become engaged.
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